Cornish (in Cornish: Kernowek) is the Celtic leid o Cornwall, south-wast Breetain. It is ae pairt o the Brythonic brainch o Celtic leids. It comes frae the leid o the auld Britons, an is gey an sib tae the Breton leid. Cornish dee'd oot as a mither tongue in the late 18t century (aiblins earlie 19t) but wis brocht back by scholars in aboot the 1920s. Thare are aboot 300 fluent spaekers o modren Cornish the day, 500 fowk that can haud a conversation in Cornish an 3,500 fowk whaun ye include awbodie that kens onie o the leid. A few fowk haes e'en growed up lairnin Cornish as their mither tongue syne the revival. Thir fowk hae been cried "neo-native" spaekers o Cornish.

The Cornish leid, 1300-1750
Origo mundi (1425)

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