The French (French: Français) are a naition that share a common French cultur an speak the French leid as a mither tongue. Historically, the French population are stryndit frae fowks o Celtic, Laitin an Germanic oreegin, an are the day a mixtur o several ethnic groups. Athin Fraunce, the French are defined bi citizenship, regairdless o ancestry or kintra o residence.[25]

French fowk

Notable individuals, frae left tae richt:

Row 1:Joan o AircJacques CartierRené DescartesMolièreBlaise PascalLouis XIV o FraunceVoltaireDenis DiderotNapoleon

Row 2:Victor HugoAlexandre Dumas, pèreÉvariste GaloisLouis PasteurJules VerneGustave EiffelPierre de CoubertinHenri de Toulouse-LautrecMarie Curie

Row 3:Marcel ProustCharles de GaulleJosephine BakerJacques-Yves CousteauAlbert CamusÉdith PiafFrançois MitterrandBrigitte BardotZinedine Zidane
Tot population
c. 110 million e
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Fraunce 64,300,000[1]
 Unitit States (French ancestry)11,500,000a[2]
 Hong Kong10,456[21][22]
Majority : Nan-releegious (Atheism, Agnosticism an Deism), Roman Catholicism. Minority : Islam, Judaism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Neo-paganism, Hinduism, ithers.
Relatit ethnic groups
Ither Laitin pfowks: Spaingies, Portuguese, Italians

Various Germanic fowks (due tae Frankish auncestry) : Germans, Dutch, English

Various Celtic fowks (due tae Gallo-Roman ancestry) : Erse, Bretons, Welsh, Cornish

a includin 2,080,000 o French Canadian ancestry

b Including bodies o pairtial French ancestry
c Including ancestry an birth
d French born fowk wur residin in the durin the 2001 Census

e Includin those wi French ancestry

Housomeivver, the wird can refer tae fowk o French strynd who are foond in ither countries an aw, wi significant French-speakin population groups or no, sic as Argentinae (French Argentines), Brazil (French Brazilians), French Wast Indies (the French Caribbean fowk), Canadae (French Canadians) an the Unitit States (French Americans), an some o thaim hae a French cultural identity.


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