The Lebanese fowk (Arabic: الشعب اللبناني‎ / ALA-LC: al-sha‘ab al-lubnānī, Lebanese Arabic pronunciation: [eʃˈʃaʕb ellɪbˈneːne]) are the inhabitants o the kintra o Lebanon an their ancestors. The term mey include those who haed inhabitit Munt Lebanon prior tae the creation o the modren Lebanese state.

Lebanese fowk
الشعب اللبناني
Tot population
Lebanon: 4,017,095 (Aw ethnic groups)[1]
Total worldwide: 8[2]–14 million[3][4][5][6]
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Brazil7 million(Lebanese Embassy in Brasilia)[7][8]
 Lebanon4,017,095 (July 2010 est)[1]
 Argentinae1,500,000[deid airtin][9]
 Unitit States440,000[11]
 Sierra Leone33,000-40,000[16]
 Unitit Kinrick10,459
Spoken Vernacular
Lebanese Arabic & Cypriot Maronite Arabic
Spoken Traditional
Phoenician, succeedit bi Wastren Aramaic[20]
Seicont Leids
French, Inglis
French, Inglis, Spainyie, Portuguese
Maronite Christianity1
(maistly Shi'a3 an Sunni)
Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic an Protestant.
Alawites an Druze4.
Relatit ethnic groups
Ither Levantines
Arabs, Assiries an ither Semites

#Lebanese Christians comprise a majority o aw Lebanese, but represent anerlie a lairge minority athin Lebanon.
  1. Lebanese Muslims o aw denominations represent a majority athin Lebanon, but comprise anerlie a lairge minority o aw Lebanese.
  2. Lebanese Shi'ite Muslims hauld the plurality amang releegious groups athin Lebanon.
  3. In Lebanon, Druzism is offeecially categorisit as a Muslim denomination bi the Lebanese govrenment.

The cultural an linguistic heritage o the Lebanese fowk is a rich blend o baith indigenous elements an the foreign culturs that hae come tae rule the laund an its fowk ower the course o thoosans o years.

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