Kadıköy (Turkis pronunciation: [kaˈdɯkøj]; auncient an Byzantine Chalcedon, Χαλκηδών in Greek) is a lairge, populous, an cosmopolitan destrict o Istanbul, Turkey on the northren shore o the Sea o Marmara, facin the historic ceety centre on the European side o the Bosporus. Kadıköy is the name o the maist prominent neebourheid o the destrict an aw, a residential an commercial aurie that, wi its numerous bars, cinemas an beukshops, is the cultural centre o the Anatolie side o Istanbul. Kadıköy became a destrict in 1928 when it wis separatit frae Üsküdar destrict. The neebourheids o İçerenköy, Bostancı an Suadiye wur separatit frae the destrict o Kartal in the same year an aw, an eventually joined the newly formit destrict o Kadıköy. Its neebourin destricts are Üsküdar tae the northwest, Ataşehir tae the northeast, Maltepe tae the sootheast, an Kartal ayont Maltepe. The population o Kadıköy destrict, accordin tae the 2007 census, is 509,282.


Kadıköy Belediyesi
Municipality o Kadıköy
Location o Kadıköy in Istanbul
Location o Kadıköy in Istanbul
Kadıköy is located in Turkey
Location o Kadıköy in Istanbul
Coordinates: 41°2′33.69″N 29°0′26.27″E / 41.0426917°N 29.0072972°E / 41.0426917; 29.0072972
ProvinceIstanbul Province
 • MayorSelami Öztürk (CHP)
 • Destrict40.21 km2 (15.53 sq mi)
 • District
 • District density13,000/km2 (34,000/sq mi)
Kadıköy banner is wavin at Kadıköy Square
Haydarpaşa Terminal o the Turkish State Railways, near Kadıköy centrum

History eedit

Kadıköy is an aulder dounset than maist o those on the Asie side o the ceety o İstanbul. Relics datin tae 5500-3500 BC (Chalcolithic period) hae been foond at the Fikirtepe Moond, an airticles o stane, bane, ceramic, jewelry an bronze shaw that thare haes been a continuous dounset syne prehistoric times. A port dounset datin frae the Phoenicies haes been discovered an aw. Chalcedon wis the first dounset which the Greeks frae Megara establisht on the Bosphorus, in 685 BC, a few years afore thay establisht Byzantium on the ither side o the strait in 667 BC. Chalcedon became kent as the 'ceety o the blind', the story bein that Byzantium wis foondit follaein a prophecy that a great caipital wad be biggit 'opposite the ceety o the blind' (meanin that the fowk o Chalcedon must hae been blind no tae see the obvious value o the peninsula on the Golden Horn as a naitural defensive harbour). Chalcedon chyngit haunds time an time again, as Persies, Bithynies, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, an Turks passed throu the aurie, which wis badly damagit durin the Fowert Crusade an came intae Ottoman haunds in 1353, a full century afore Constantinople. Sicweys, Kadıköy haes the auldest mosque in İstanbul, biggit amaist a century afore the conquest o Constantinople in 1453.

At the time o the conquest, Chalcedon wis a landwart dounset ootside the pertection o the ceety. It wis suin put unner the jurisdiction o the Constantinople courts, hence the name Kadıköy, which means Veelage o the Judge. In the Ottoman period, Kadıköy became a popular mercat for agricultural guids an in time developit intae a residential aurie for fowk who wad commute tae the ceety bi boat. The population wis the teepical Ottoman Constantinople mix o Armenies, Greeks, Jews an Turks. Kadıköy haes several kirks (Greek, Armenie, Serbie, Catholic, Protestant) an synagogues.

Modren life eedit

Transport eedit

The major Haydarpaşa Terminal o the Turkish State Railways is locatit close tae Kadıköy's center, servin east- an sooth-boond internaitional, domestic an regional trains. Haydarpaşa Terminal wis opened in 1908 as the terminus o the İstanbul-Baghdad an İstanbul-Damascus-Medina railweys. This, alang wi the nearbi Harem Bus Terminal, haes services tae Anatolie.

The Söğütlüçeşme railwey station, the next station tae Haydarpaşa Terminal, is locatit in Kadıköy an aw. The terminus o the Metrobus line tae European side o Istanbul is situatit next tae the railwey station.

The centre o Kadıköy the day is the transportation hub for fowk commutin atween the Asie side o the ceety an the European side athort the Bosphorus. Thare is a lairge bus an minibus terminal next tae the ferry docks. Ferries are the maist dominantly visible form o transport in Kadıköy, an the central mercat aurie is adjacent tae the ferry dock.

Public transportation wi terminus in Kadıköy:[3]

Bus seestem

Tae European side,

Metro sign at Kadıköy
Nostalgic tram
  • T3 (Ring) Mühürdar-Bahariye-Moda (in centrum)

Tradeetional ferries,[4]

Sea buses,[5]

Politics eedit

The centre-left Republican Fowkpairty (CHP) is uisually successfu in Kadıköy in baith local an naitional elections, in contrast tae Kadıköy's neebourin destrict, the conservative Üsküdar. Syne the mid-1990s the mayor haes been Selami Öztürk o the CHP. Öztürk is aften creditit wi the recent growthe in the nummer o shoppin an leisur auries aroond Kadıköy, especially syne the pedestrianisation o Bahariye Street, which mony say haes acome the Anatolian equivalent o İstiklal Avenue in Beyoğlu on the European side, includin its nostalgic trams.

Education eedit

Marmara University's Haydarpaşa Campus in Kadikoy Region

Marmara Varsity haes maist o its biggins in Kadıköy, includin the lairge an elegant Haydarpaşa Campus, while the lairgest private varsity in İstanbul, Yeditepe Varsity, is locatit on the hill namit "Kayışdağı" at the eastmaist edge o the burgh. A new state varsity, Istanbul Medeniyet Varsity, opened in 2010. It haes its main biggin in Göztepe, Merdivenköy, an haes begun tae develop campuses in baith Kadıköy an Üsküdar. The campuses are dividit bi the D-100 Heich-gate. Each hae a metro station close bi.

Anither private institution for heicher eddication, the Doğuş Varsity, is situatit in the Acıbadem neeborheid o Kadiköy.

Thare are several heich schuils such as Atatürk Fen Lisesi, Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi, Mustafa Saffet Anadolu Lisesi, İstanbul Anadolu Lisesi, an Göztepe İhsan Kurşunoğlu Anadolu Lisesi an aw.

Shoppin eedit

Kadıköy is a busy shoppin destrict, wi a wide variety o atmospheres an airchitectural styles. The streets are variet, some bein narrae alleyweys an ithers, such as Bahariye Caddesi, bein pedestrian zones. Turkey's biggest fuid mercat is thare, stairtin next tae the Osman Ağa Mosque, an haes an immense turnower o fresh fuids an ither products frae aw aroond Turkey, includin a wide range o fresh fish an seafuid, olive ile soap, an sae on. Thare are modren shopping centres an aw, maist notably the lairge Tepe Nautilus Shoppin Maw ahint the centre o Kadıköy, an pavements croudit wi street vendors sellin socks, piratit copies o popular novels, an ither products. In the streets ahint the main post office, thare is a lairge nummer o well-kent beukshops sellin baith new an seicont-haund beuks, craft-shops an pictur-framers, an a nummer o shops sellin muisic CDs an relatit ephemera such as film posters an t-shirts. Haurd rock an hivy metal muisic is sauld in the arcade namit Akmar Pasajı, whaur associatit items are sauld an aw. On Sundays this aurie becomes a lairge seicont-haund beuk an muisic street mercat. Bein a croudit shoppin destrict, Kadıköy haes mony buskers, shae shine boys, glue sniffers an schuilchilder in the streets sellin flouers, chewin gum an packets o tissues.

At the tap o the shoppin destrict thare is an intersection, wi a statue o a bull, cried Altıyol (Sax Weys), whaur a road leads tae the civic biggins an a huge street mercat cried Salı Pazarı (Tuesday Mercat). The wirkin-cless residential destricts o Hasanpaşa an Fikirtepe are locatit ahint the civic biggins.

Hoosin eedit

Thare is a lot o residential property in the centre o Kadıköy, maistly somewha dilapidatit the day, but thare are still quiet suburban streets. The aurie is hame tae mony students as well as a smaw nummer o foreign residents.

Attractions eedit

Türkbalon is a helium balloon moored on Kadıköy Quay in the centrum, takkin passengers durin saison for a fee up tae an altitude o 200 m, afferin a panoramic view o the aurie an the historic centre o İstanbul athort the Bosphorus.

İstanbul Toy Museum in Göztepe haes on display 4,000 toys an miniaturs, frae Turkey an abroad; mony o the exhibits are antiques, some o which date back nearly 200 years. The first floor o the museum is actually the steid o the Eyüp Toy Shop, a famous toy shop that haed closed doun in the 1950s.

Entertainment an eatin eedit

Kadıköy haes mony narrae streets filled wi cafés, bars an restaurants, as well as mony cinemas. Süreyya Opera Hoose is a recent redevelopment o the same namit historic movie theatre.

The mercat aurie is maistly closed tae traffec an contains a wide variety o fast fuid restaurants servin toastit sandwiches, hamburgers an döner. Thare are tradeetional Turkis restaurants an patisseries an aw, brig schuils, wine hooses, bars wi jazz, fowk an rock muisic, as well as wirkin cless tea an backgammon hooses.

Ahint the centre lees a lairge shoppin an residential destrict windin uphill tae the Bahariye Caddesi pedestrian zone. This aurie wis transformit durin the economic boom o the 1990s an mony new bars an shops wur opened.

Kadıköy's entertainment is generally no o the affluent teep. It haes a mair wirkin cless ambiance; tharefore, it is easier tae fynd fuid o the lik o kebab an free'd mussels than haute cuisine, awtho ane o Istanbul's maist tradeetional Turkis cuisine representatives, Yanyalı Fehmi Lokantası an the foreign tourist attractin Çiya is foond here. An aw auldest candy, chocolate, Turkis delicht makers o Istanbul; Baylan[6] an Hacı Bekir[7] are locatit in Kadıköy.

Kadıköy daes no hae as hintle nichtlife as Beyoğlu (whaur nichtlife continues hintle later intae the nicht), nor daes it hae Nişantaşı's style o shoppin or the Bosphorus for nichtlife. Insteid, it is aften considered a modest alternative but mey still be regardit as vibrant.

Surroondin residential auries eedit

Coastal auries eedit

Alang the coast, awa frae the centre o Kadıköy, thare are mony expensive shops an the aurie becomes mair upmarket in neighbourhoods such as Moda an Fenerbahçe, which are attractive, lang-establisht residential auries. Thir baith lee athin the boonds o the burgh o Kadıköy, an hae mony restaurants, cafés an bars bi the sea. Thare is a path here alang the sea-front frae Kadıköy; the tram tae Moda caws here.

Moda is an auld, quiet, cosmopolitan Istanbul neebourheid, but is beginnin tae experience economic an aesthetic problems, wi thare bein a lack o caur pairkin an some run-doun shops an ither biggins. As elsewhaur in İstanbul, mony historic houses hae been demolisht an replacit wi apairtment biggins; housomeivver, Moda is generally considered ane o the mair pleasant residential destricts in the ceety. Thare are numerous kirks in Moda wi active congregations, an well-kent schuils, such as the Lycée Saint-Joseph an Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi. Thare is a smaw, attractive theatre in Moda named Oyun Atölyesi, foondit bi the umwhile (BBC soap opera) EastEnders actor Haluk Bilginer.

Anither smairt new destrict is Acıbadem. This aurie haes ane o the best-kent private hospitals in the ceety an a lang avenue o smairt cafés, restaurants an ice cream parlours.

Beyond this aurie, the huge stadium o Fenerbahçe Fitbaa Club dominates the skyline. Frae here, the lang shoppin street namit Bağdat Caddesi (Baghdad Avenue) heids east an thare are mony affluent neebourheids atween the avenue an the coast. Till the 1950s thir auries, such as Kalamış, Göztepe, Caddebostan, Bağdad Avenue, Erenköy, an Suadiye, wur full o simmer hooses an mansions for the ceety's walthy upper middle class. Syne the Bosphorus Brig wis biggit, it haes acome easier tae commute frae here tae the European side o İstanbul, an maist o thir simmer hooses hae been demolisht an replacit wi modren apairtment biggins; housomeivver, thir destricts mony still be considered amang the maist bonnie residential auries o the ceety. The coast here haes a lang stretch o seaside pairks an yacht marinas, an the streets ahint the coast in auries such as Caddebostan are lined wi numerous bars an cafés.

Frae Bostancı onwards the economic level progressively lessens, sae thare are mair retired an wirkin-cless residents here. Thare are nae mair villas, exceptin some on the coast at Dragos, an the apairtment biggins are narraeer an less widely spacit. Bostancı itsel is a busy shoppin destrict biggit aroond a railwey station.

Inland auries eedit

Inland frae the coast thare is a great deal o hoosin development: some o this haes little infrastructur, while maist is mair expensive, especially in auries such as Kozyatağı an İçerenköy. Thir destricts hoose mony o İstanbul's upper-middle cless residents. Thir neighbourhoods are mainly biggit aroond wide avenues an tree-lined streets, wi fower tae sax-storey apairtment biggins that hae sizable gardens an caur-pairkin aroond thaim. Especially in Kozyatağı, thare are auld Ottoman hooses nearly in ivery hooses' gairden (Each hoose or apairtment haes a big gairden wi pairkin lots an arbours while thir gardens uised tae be the auld hoose's). Kozyatağı, Suadiye an Kazasker uised tae be ane o the maist popular simmer auries for walthy İstanbul residents. The day, Kozyatağı haes tree-lined streets, especially magnolia, linden an fruit trees such as medlar trees, plum trees, cherry, mulberry an quince trees, lots o lairge greenfields, pairks, childer pairks. Thir auries, Suadiye, Bağdat Caddesi, Kalamış, Kozyatağı, Fenerbahçe hae the day, upper-middle or upper cless residents. Thare are mony schuils, hospitals, shops an restaurants in thir auries. Thare is a lairge Carrefour an Bauhaus store on the E5 heich-gate in this pairt o Kadıköy an aw.

In the late 1990s, new luxury hoosin developments such as Ataşehir began tae be constructit in the previously undevelopit aurie north o the E5 heich-gate. Thir hae thair awn shops, private colleges, sports centres an ither facilities. Ataşehir separatit frae Kadıköy in 2009 elections.

Airchitectur eedit

Kadıköy haes mony hooses frae the Ottoman an some frae Roman period which are hidden in its side streets. Some o thaim hae been turned intae cafés, pubs an restaurants, pairticularly servin seafuid an rest o thaim waitin for restoration.

Yeldeğirmeni is an important neebourheid in terms o airchitectur.

Sport eedit

The destrict is hame tae the Turkis fitbaa club Fenerbahçe SK's hame venue, the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium. Follaein important victories, aw neebourheids o Kadıköy are croudit wi celebratin fowk. The stadium hostit the 2009 UEFA Cup Final. The aurie haes a rugby union team an aw, Kadıköy Rugby, which wis the first offeecial rugby club in Turkey.

The multi-purpose arena o Caferağa Sport Hall, locatit in the centre o Kadıköy's shoppin destrict, is hame tae the basketbaa teams o Alpella (men team) an Fenerbahçe İstanbul (weemen team), volleybaa teams (Fenerbahçe Men's Volleybaa an Fenerbahçe Weemen's Volleybaa).

Releegion eedit

Kadıköy haes been aye a place wi population belangin tae the three main releegions, Islam, Christianity an Judaism. Thare are still mony examples o mosques, Greek or Armenie churches, an synagogues. As wi the rest o İstanbul, the commonty haes mony mosques. The ceety is the see o the Metropolis o Chalcedon, ane o the fower remainin metropolises o the Ecumenical Patriarchate o Constantinople in Turkey the day.

Hemdat Israel Synagogue, situatit in Yeldeğirmeni neebourheid close tae Haydarpaşa Terminal, is ane o the auldest Jewish hooses o prayer in İstanbul.

Internaitional relations eedit

Twin touns – Sister ceeties eedit

Kadıköy is twinned wi:

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References eedit

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