A mosque (Arabic: مسجدmasjid, plural مساجد masājid), whiles spelt mosk, is a place o worship for follaers o Islam. Thare are strict an detailed requirements in Sunni jurisprudence (Arabic: فِـقْـه‎, fiqh) for a place o worship tae be conseedert a mosque, wi places that dae nae meet thir requirements regairdit as musallas.[1] Thare are stringent restrictions on the uises o the aurie formally demarcatit as the mosque (that is eften a smaw portion o the lairger complex), an in the Islamic Sharī‘ah (Arabic: شَـرِيْـعَـة‎, Law), efter an aurie is formally designatit as a mosque, it remeens sae till the Last Day.[1]


Mony mosques hae elaborate domes, minarets, an prayer haws, in varyin styles o airchitectur. Mosques oreeginatit on the Arabian Peninsula, but are nou foond in aw inhabitit continents. The mosque serves as a place whaur Muslims can come thegither for Ṣalāh (Arabic: صَـلَاة‎, meanin "prayer") as weel as a centre for information, eddication, social welfare, an dispute settlement.[2] The Imām (Arabic: إِمَـام‎, Leader) leads the congregation in prayer.


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