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Petah Tikva (Ebreu: פֶּתַח תִּקְוָה‬, "Openin o Hope") kent as Em HaMoshavot ("Mither o the Moshavot"), is a ceety in the Center District o Israel, 10.6 km, or 6.6 miles east o Tel Aviv. Petah Tikva's jurisdiction covers 35,868 dunams (~35.9 km² or 15 sq mi). The population density is approximately 5,800 inhabitants per square kilometre. In 2015 the ceety haed a population o 230,984.

Petah Tikva
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • An aa spelled Petah Tiqwa (offeecial)
Petach Tikvah (unoffeecial)
Peta Tikwa.jpg
Offeecial logo o Petah Tikva
Emblem of Petah Tikva
Petah Tikva is locatit in Israel
Petah Tikva
Petah Tikva
Coordinates: 32°05′19.78″N 34°53′10.8″E / 32.0888278°N 34.886333°E / 32.0888278; 34.886333Coordinates: 32°05′19.78″N 34°53′10.8″E / 32.0888278°N 34.886333°E / 32.0888278; 34.886333
Destrict Central
Foondit 1878
 • Teep Ceety (frae 1937)
 • Mayor Yitzhak Ohayon
 • Total 35.868 km2 (13.849 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Tot 230,984
Name meanin Openin o hope


The name o Petah Tikva wis chosen bi its foonders in 1878 frae the prophecy o Hosea (2:17), "An A will give her vineyards frae thence, an the Valley o Achor for an openin o hope: an she shall sang there, as in the days o her youth, an as in the day when she came up oot o the land o Egyp."

Haim-Ozer Street, the ceety's main street

Petah Tikva's emblem appears on a postage stamp designed bi Yitzhak Goldenhirsch, a foondin member o Petah Tikva. The plow seembolizes Petah Tikva's oreegins as an agricultural settlement, the field seembolizes the dryin o the Yarkon River swamps an cultivation o the land, an the orange tree seembolizes Petah Tikva's citrus industry, stairtin wi the first tree plantit bi Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin.

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