Ceety o federal subject significance

Ceety o federal subject significance is an umbrella term uised tae refer tae a teep o an admeenistrative diveesion o a federal subject o Roushie that is equal in status tae a destrict but is organisit aroond a lairge ceety; occasionally wi surroondin landwart territories.

Accordin tae the 1993 Constitution o Roushie, the admeenistrative-territorial structur o the federal subjects isna identifee'd as the responsibility o the federal govrenment or as the joint responsibility o the federal govrenment an the federal subjects.[1] This state o the matters is tradeetionally interpretit bi the govrenments o the federal subjects as a sign that the matters o the admeenistrative-territorial diveesions are the sole responsibility o the federal subjects thairsels.[1] As a result, the modren admeenistrative-territorial structurs o the federal subjects vary significantly frae ane federal subject tae anither; that includes the manner in whilk the ceeties o federal subject significance are organisit an the choice o a term tae refer tae siclik entities. In the federal subjects that haes closed admeenistrative-territorial formations, thay are aften gien a similar status. Occasionally, this status is gien tae the auries organisit aroond the indwelt localities that arna ceeties, but smawer urban-teep dounsets.

As o 2011, the follaein teeps o such entities are recognisit:

in the republics
  • Admeenistrative-territorial formation wi special status (административно-территориальное образование с особым статусом): in the Republic o Kalmykie
  • Ceety (город): in the Republics o Dagestan, Kalmykie, an Khakassie.
  • Ceety o republic significance (город республиканского значения: in Bashkortostan, Buryatie, Chechnie, Chuvashie, Ingushetie, Kabardino-Balkarie, Karachay–Cherkessie, Republic o Karelie, Komi Republic, Mari El, Mordovie, Tatarstan, an Udmurtie.
  • Ceety unner republic jurisdiction (город республиканского подчинения): in the Sakha Republic an the Republic o North Ossetie-Alanie.
  • Ceety under republic jurisdiction (urban okrug) (город республиканского подчинения (городской округ)): in the Tuva Republic.
  • Closed admeenistrative-territorial formation (закрытое административно-территориальное образование): in the Republic o Bashkortostan.
  • Republican urban okrug (республиканский городской округ): in the Republic o Adygea.
  • Urban okrug (городской округ): in the Altai Republic.
in the krais
  • Ceety (город): in Krasnodar Krai.
  • Ceety o krai significance (город краевого значения): in Altai, Khabarovsk, Perm, and Stavropol Krais.
  • Ceety unner krai jurisdiction (город краевого подчинения): in Kamchatka an Primorsky Krais.
  • Closed admeenistrative-territorial formation (закрытое административно-территориальное образование): in Altai, Krasnoyarsk, an Perm Krais.
  • Krai ceety (краевой город): in Krasnoyarsk Krai.
in the oblasts
in the autonomous okrugs
in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast
  • Ceety o oblast significance (город областного значения).

References eedit

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