Kemerovo Oblast (Roushie: Ке́меровская о́бласть, Kemerovskaya oblast), kent as Kuzbass (Кузба́сс) anaw, an namit efter the Kuznetsk Basin, is a federal subject o Roushie (an oblast), locatit in soothwastren Siberie, whaur the Wast Siberie Plain meets the Sooth Siberie muntains. The oblast, which covers an aurie o 95,500 square kilometers (36,900 sq mi),[7] shares a border wi Tomsk Oblast in the north, Krasnoyarsk Krai an the Khakassie in the east, the Altai Republic in the sooth, an Novosibirsk Oblast an Altai Krai in the wast. Its ethnic composition is predominantly Roushie, but Ukrainians, Tatars, an Chuvash live in the oblast an aw. Population: 2,763,135 (2010 Census).[8]

Kemerovo Oblast
Кемеровская область (Russian)
—  Oblast  —

Flag o Kemerovo Oblast

Coat o airms o Kemerovo Oblast
Anthem: None
Poleetical status
Country Roushie
Federal destrictSiberie[1]
Economic regionWast Siberie[2]
Established26 Januar 1943[3]
Admeenistrative centerKemerovo
Govrenment (as of August 2010)
 - Govrenor[5]Aman Tuleyev[4]
 - LegislaturCooncil o Fowk Deputies[6]
Aurie (as o the 2002 Census)[7]
 - Tot95,500 km2 (36,900 sq mi)
Aurie rank34t
Population (2010 Census)[8]
 - Tot2,763,135
 - Rank15t
 - Density[9]28.93/km2 (74.9/sq mi)
 - Urban85.4%
 - Rural14.6%
Time zone(s)KRAT (UTC+07:00)[10]
ISO 3166-2RU-KEM
License plates42
Offeecial leidsRoushie[11]
Offeecial wabsteid

The climate o the oblast is continental: winters are cauld an lang, simmers are wairm, but short. The average Januar temperatur is -17...-20 °C, the average in Julie is +17...+18 °C. Average annual precipitation ranges frae 300 mm on the plains an the fuithills o up tae 1,000 mm or mair in muntainous auries. The duration o the frost-free period lasts 100 days in the north aurie up tae 120 days in the sooth o the Kuznetsk Basin.


A minor planet 2140 Kemerovo discovered in 1970 bi Soviet astronomer Tamara Mikhailovna Smirnova is namit efter Kemerovo Oblast.[12]


Population: 2,763,135 (2010 Census);[8] 2,899,142 (2002 Census);[13] 3,176,335 (1989 Census).[14]

Ethnic composition (2010):[8]

  • Roushies - 93.7%
  • Tatars - 1.5%
  • Ukrainians - 0.8%
  • Germans - 0.9%
  • others - 1.5%
  • 55,899 fowk wur registered frae admeenistrative databases, an coud no declare an ethnicity. It is estimatit that the proportion o ethnicities in this group is the same as that o the declared group.[15]


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