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Siberie Federal Destrict (Roushie: Сиби́рский федера́льный о́круг, Sibirsky federalny okrug) is ane o the aicht federal destricts o Roushie. Its population wis 19,254,300 (72% urban) accordin tae the 2010 Census, livin on an aurie o 5,114,800 square kilometers (1,974,800 sq mi). The entire federal destrict lees athin the continent o Asie.

Siberie Federal Destrict

Сибирский федеральный округ
Location o the Siberie Federal Destrict
Location o the Siberie Federal Destrict
Kintra Roushie
Established18 Mey 2000
Admeenistrative CentreNovosibirsk
 • Presidential EnvoyViktor Tolokonsky
 • Total5,114,800 km2 (1,974,800 sq mi)
Aurie rank2nt
 • Total19,254,300
 • Rank3rd
 • Density3.8/km2 (9.7/sq mi)
Federal subjects12 contained
Economic regions2 contained

The destrict wis creatit bi presidential decree on 13 Mey 2000, an covers aroond 30% o the total laund aurie o Roushie.[1]


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