Yaroslavl Oblast

Yaroslavl Oblast (Roushie: Яросла́вская о́бласть, Yaroslavskaya oblast) is a federal subject o Roushie (an oblast), whilk is locatit in the Central Federal Destrict, surroondit bi Tver, Moscow, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Kostroma, an Vologda Oblasts. This geographic location affuirds the oblast the advantages o proximity tae Moscow an St. Petersburg. Additionally, the admeenistrative center o the oblast—the ceety o Yaroslavl—is an intersection o major heich-gates, railweys, an waterways. Population: 1,272,468 (2010 Census).[5]

Yaroslavl Oblast
Ярославская область (Russian)
—  Oblast  —

Flag o Yaroslavl Oblast

Coat o airms o Yaroslavl Oblast
Poleetical status
Country Roushie
Federal destrictCentral[1]
Economic regionCentral[2]
EstablishedMarch 11, 1936
Admeenistrative centerYaroslavl
Govrenment (as of Mairch 2011)
 - GovrenorSergey Vakhrukov[3]
 - LegislaturOblast Duma
Aurie (as o the 2002 Census)[4]
 - Tot36,400 km2 (14,100 sq mi)
Aurie rank60t
Population (2010 Census)[5]
 - Tot1,272,468
 - Rank39t
 - Density[6]34.96/km2 (90.5/sq mi)
 - Urban82.2%
 - Rural17.8%
Time zone(s)MSK (UTC+03:00)[7]
ISO 3166-2RU-YAR
License plates76
Offeecial leidsRoushie[8]
Offeecial wabsteid


Yaroslavl Oblast wis established on 11 Mairch 1936.


The climate is moderate continental, wi snawy winters an a short but fair het simmer. Umwhile amaist aw territory wis covered wi thick conifer forest (fir, pine), but nou a lairge portion o it haes been replacit wi birk-an-aspen seicontary forests an crap fields. Swamps an aw tak considerable auries.

Lairge ainimals hae been hintle reducit in nummers, but thare still some beirs, woufs, tods, moose, an wild boars.

A fair feck o wild birds live an nest in the oblast.

In ceeties, maist common birds are pigeons, jackdaws, hoodit crows, rooks, hoose sparraes, an great tits.

The Volga River flows throu Yaroslavl Oblast, wi twa major dams constructit at Uglich an Rybinsk. The Rybinsk Reservoir, fillt atween 1941 an 1947, is ane o the lairgest in Europe; its fillin floodit the toun o Mologa an several hunders o veelages, necessitatin the relocation o some 150,000 in Yaroslavl, Vologda, an Kalinin (nou Tver) Oblasts.

Mineral resoorces are limitit tae construction materials (sic as saund, graivel, cley) an peat. Thare mineral watter springs an wells an aw.


Population: 1,272,468 (2010 Census);[5] 1,367,398 (2002 Census);[9] 1,470,357 (1989 Census).[10]

Ethnic composition (2010):[5]

  • Roushies - 96%
  • Ukrainians - 0.8%
  • Armenies - 0.6%
  • Azeris - 0.4%
  • Tatars - 0.4%
  • Ezids - 0.3%
  • Belaroushies - 0.2%
  • Ithers - 1.3%
  • 51,001 fowk wur registered frae admeenistrative databases, an coud no declare an ethnicity. It is estimatit that the proportion o ethnicities in this group is the same as that o the declared group.[11]

Life expectancy:

  • Average: 63 years
  • Males: 57 years
  • Females: 71 years


  • Tot volume o ootput for 12 months o the year 1997: 15,933.1 billion rubles1)
  • Tot balance profit o enterprises for 12 months o the year 1997: 1,227.4 billion roubles2)
  • Tot tax collection for 12 month o the year 1997: 4,781.8 billion rubles (includin Federal budget accruals in the amoont o 1,999.3 billion roubles)
  • Unemployment level: 2.4% o tot wirkforce

1) lairge an medium-sized enterprises.
2) includin industry, agricultur, construction, transport.

Admeenistrative diveesionsEedit


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