A pine is ony conifer in the genus Pinus, o the faimily Pinaceae. Pinus is the sole genus in the subfaimily Pinoideae. The Plant List compiled bi the Ryal Botanic Gairdens, Kew an Missouri Botanical Gairden accepts 126 speshies names o pines as current, thegether wi 35 unresolved speshies an mony mair synonyms.[1]

Pine tree
Pinus densiflora Kumgangsan.jpg
Japanese reid pine (Pinus densiflora), North Korea
Scientific classification e
Kinrick: Plantae
Diveesion: Pinophyta
Cless: Pinopsida
Order: Pinales
Faimily: Pinaceae
Subfaimily: Pinoideae
Genus: Pinus
Pinus range.png
Range o Pinus


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