Faimily (biology)

In biological classification, faimily (Laitin: familia) is

  • a taxonomic rank. Ither weel-kent ranks are life, domain, kinrick, phylum, class, order, genus, an species, wi faimily fittin atween order an genus. As for the ither weel-kent ranks, thare is the option o an immediately lawer rank, indicatit bi the prefix sub-: subfaimily (Latin: subfamilia).
  • a taxonomic unit, a taxon, in that rank. In that case the plural is faimilies (Latin familiae)
The hierarchy o biological clessification's aicht muckle taxonomic ranks. An order contains ane or mair faimilies. Middlin smaw rankins arena shawn.
Exemple: Wawnits an hickories alang tae Juglandaceae, the wawnit faimily

Whit daes an disna belang tae ilka faimily is determined bi a taxonomist. Seemlar for the quaisten if a parteecular faimily shoud be recognised avaw. Eften thare is nae exact greein, wi different taxonomists takin a different poseetion. Thare is nae haurd rules that a taxonomist needs tae follae in descrievin or recognisin a faimily. Some taxa are acceptit awmaist universally, whiles ithers are recognised anly rarely.