Ivanovo Oblast (Roushie: Ива́новская о́бласть, Ivanovskaya oblast) is a federal subject o Roushie (an oblast).

Ivanovo Oblast
Ивановская область (Russian)
—  Oblast  —

Banner o Ivanovo Oblast

Coat o airms o Ivanovo Oblast
Anthem: Nane
Poleetical status
Country Roushie
Federal destrictCentral[1]
Economic regionCentral[2]
Established11 Mairch 1936
Admeenistrative centerIvanovo
Govrenment (as of August 2010)
 - Govrenor[4]Mikhail Men[3]
 - LegislaturOblast Duma[5]
 - ChairterChairter o Ivanovo Oblast
Aurie (as o the 2002 Census)[6]
 - Tot21,800 km2 (8,400 sq mi)
Aurie rank73rd
Population (2010 Census)[7]
 - Tot1,062,629
 - Rank49th
 - Density[8]48.74/km2 (126.2/sq mi)
 - Urban81.0%
 - Rural19.0%
Time zone(s)MSK (UTC+03:00)[9]
ISO 3166-2RU-IVA
License plates37
Offeecial leidsRoushie[10]
Offeecial wabsteid

Its three lairgest ceeties are Ivanovo (the admeenistrative center), Kineshma, an Shuya.

The principal centre o tourism is Plyos. The Volga River flows throu the northren pairt o the oblast.


Ivanovo Industrial Oblast (Ива́новская Промы́шленная о́бласть) wis established on 14 Januar 1929. On 11 Mairch 1936, the oblast wis dividit intae modren Ivanovo Oblast an Yaroslavl Oblast.


Ivanovo Oblast borders Kostroma Oblast (N), Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (E), Vladimir Oblast (S), an Yaroslavl Oblast (W).


Industry in Ivanovo Region is subdividit intae several main sectors, includin the licht, chemical an petrochemical, fuid, forest, peat, ingineerin an metalwirkin, pouer, an biggin material industries. The primary an maist developit sector is licht industry, made up o the cleidin, knittin, textile, an shae industries. Companies in this sector employ hauf o the region's industrial wirkers. The textile industry, which began developin in the last quarter o the 17t century, is o fundamental importance. Textile companies in the region produce hauf o Roushie's textiles. Ingineerin occupees an important place in the region's industry. Ingineerin companies manufactur mobile cranes, looms an machine tuils, excavators, combin machinery, instrumentation, an caur components. The widwirkin an pulp an paper industries an aw mak a significant contreibution tae the regional economy. Forests o the region serve as a soorce o raw materials for thir industries. The fuid industry produces a variety o guids that are in demand in mony Roushie regions, as weel as abraid, e.g., sausage, mayonnaise, floor, cereals, canned meats an milk, confectionery, pasta, an alcohol.[11]


  • Births: 11,138 (10.3 per 1000)
  • Daiths: 20,801 (19.3 per 1000) [12]

Admeenistrative diveesionsEedit


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