Bratislava is the Caipital an the muckle maist ceity o Slovakie. The ceety ligs on the river Danube, ane o the maist important rivers in central an eastren Europe. It is in the sooth-wastren pairt o Slovakie an haes a population o 426,000 fowk (2006).

Internaitional relationsEedit

Twin touns an sister ceetiesEedit

Bratislava is twinned wi:[1]

* Nummers in brackets leet the year o twinnin. The first agreement wis signed wi the ceety o Perugia, Umbrie in Italy on Julie 18, 1962.



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Fremmit airtinsEedit

Coordinates: 48°08′41″N 17°06′46″E / 48.1447°N 17.1128°E / 48.1447; 17.1128