Kaliningrad (Roushie: Калинингра́д; Pols: Królewiec; Lithuanie: Karaliaučius; Greek: Kalininopolis) is a seaport an the admeenistrative centre o Kaliningrad Oblast, the Roushie exclave atween Poland an Lithuanie on the Baltic Sea. The territory, the northren pairt o the umwhile East Prussie, borders on NATO an EU members Poland an Lithuanie, an is geographically separatit frae the rest o Roushie.


Auld Königsberg amid the modren Kaliningrad
Auld Königsberg amid the modren Kaliningrad
Banner o Kaliningrad
Coat of airms o Kaliningrad
Coat airms
Location o Kaliningrad
Kaliningrad is located in Roushie
Location o Kaliningrad
Kaliningrad is located in Kaliningrad Oblast
Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad Oblast)
Coordinates: 54°43′N 20°31′E / 54.717°N 20.517°E / 54.717; 20.517Coordinates: 54°43′N 20°31′E / 54.717°N 20.517°E / 54.717; 20.517
Federal subjectKaliningrad Oblast
 • BodiCeety Cooncil o Deputies
 • HeadAlexander Yaroshuk
 • Total223.03 km2 (86.11 sq mi)
5 m (16 ft)
 • Total431,402
 • Estimate 
475,056 (+10.1%)
 • Rank40th in 2010
 • Density1900/km2 (5,000/sq mi)
 • Subordinatit taeceety o oblast significance o Kaliningrad[4]
 • Caipital oKaliningrad Oblast[5], ceety o oblast significance o Kaliningrad[4]
 • Urban okrugKaliningrad Urban Okrug[6]
 • Caipital oKaliningrad Urban Okrug[6]
Time zoneUTC+2 ([7])
Postal code(s)[8]
Dialin code(s)+7 4012
Ceety DayJuly 4; observit on the first Seturday o Julie
Twin tounsZeitz, Bremerhaven, Brest, CagliariEdit this on Wikidata
OKTMO ID27701000001

Oreeginally named Königsberg in German (Roushie: Кёнигсберг, Lithuanie: Karaliaučius, Pols: Królewiec, Auld Prussian: Twānkstathe an "Kunnegsgarbs", Laitin: Regiomontium, Scots: Queensbrig[9]), the toun wis founded in 1255, an wis lairgely destroyed durin Warld War II. Its ruins wur occupied bi the Soviet Airmy in 1945 an its German citizens forced oot. It wis renamed Kaliningrad in 1946 in honour o Mikhail Kalinin.

At the 2002 Census, its population wis 430,003, an increase frae the 401,280 recordit in the 1989 Census. Its ethnic composition is 77.9% Roushies, 8.0% Belaroushies, 7.3% Ukrainians, 1.9% Lithuanians,[10] 0.6% Germans, and 0.5% Poles.[11]

Internaitional relations eedit

Twin touns - sister ceeties eedit

Kaliningrad is twinned wi:[12]

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