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Uusimaa (Swadish: Nyland), literally "new land" in baith leids, is the soothmaist region in Finland. It borders the regions Finland Proper, Tavastie Proper, Päijänne Tavastie an Kymenlaakso. Finland’s caipital Helsinki an its seicont lairgest ceety Espoo are baith locatit centrally in Uusimaa, makin it bi far the maist muckle region.

Uusimaa – Nyland
Uudenmaan maakunta
Nylands landskap
Coat o airms o Uusimaa – Nyland
Coat o airms
Uusimaa on a map o Finland
Uusimaa on a map o Finland
Kintra Finland
Historical province Uusimaa
 • Regional Mayor Ossi Savolainen
 • Preses o the Cooncil Eero Heinäluoma (SDP)
 • Total 6,805.74 km2 (2,627.71 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Tot 1,425,440
 • Density 210/km2 (540/sq mi)
NUTS 181
Regional bird Blackbird
Regional fish Zander
Regional flouer Windflower
Regional animal Hedgehog
Regional stane Hornblende


Ekenäs (Tammisaari) auld toun in Raseborg (Raasepori)
Heidquarters o Microsoft Mobile in Keilaniemi (Kägeludden), Espoo (Esbo)
For history, geography, an cultur, see Uusimaa (historical province).

Uusimaa/Nyland wis, alang wi the rest o Soothren an Wastren Finland, held bi the Kinrick o Swaden frae the 12t or 13t century.

The coastal Uusimaa haed earlier been spairsely populatit, maistly bi Tavastians, but wis frae the 12t century populatit bi Swadish settlers, maistly frae Hälsingland, an Swadish-speakin veelages came up near the mooths o Vantaanjoki an Keravanjoki.

The names Uusimaa an Nyland mean “new land” in Inglis an Scots. The Swadish-leid name Nyland appears in the documents frae the 14t century. The Finnish-leid name Uusimaa appears for the first time in 1548 as Wsimaa in the first translation o the New Testament tae Finnish bi Mikael Agricola.[1]

The Finnish provinces wur ceded tae Imperial Roushie in the Finnish War o 1809. Efter this, Uusimaa became the Province o Uusimaa/Nyland o the auld lääni seestem. Frae 1997 tae 2010, Uusimaa wis a pairt o the Province o Soothren Finland. It haes been dividit in the regions o Uusimaa an Eastren Uusimaa. In 2011, twa regions wur merged.


Uusimaa/Nyland is an offeecially bilingual region, wi baith Finnish an Swadish haein the same status.

The region, especially coastal auries, is traditionally Swadish-speakin, the traditional regional dialects o Swadish (nyländska) are currently maistly spoken in Eastren Uusimaa, while in the rest o Uusimaa/Nyland Swadish leid became mair staundartised.

The Finnish-speakin population stairtit tae grow when the caipital o the Grand Duchy o Finland wis muivit frae Turku tae Helsinki bi Emperor o Roushie Alexander I in 1812, an the region attractit settlers frae ither pairts of Finland. Helsinki's stadin slangi o Finnish first evolved in the late 19t century.

7.7% o population o the region speak leids ither than Finnish or Swadish as native.

Regional CooncilEedit


There are 28 municipalities in Uusimaa. Ceeties an touns are marked in bauld.

Helsinki Sub-region:

Raseborg Sub-region:

Porvoo Sub-region:

Loviisa Sub-region:


YLE's heidquarters, Pasila, Helsinki


The lairgest subscription newspapers published in the region are Helsingin Sanomat an Hufvudstadsbladet in Helsinki, Aamuposti in Hyvinkää, Länsi-Uusimaa in Lohja, Loviisan Sanomat an Östra Nyland in Loviisa, Uusimaa an Borgåbladet in Porvoo, Västra Nyland in Raseborg, an Keski-Uusimaa in Tuusula. An aa twa popular tabloid newspapers, Iltalehti an Ilta-Sanomat, are published there.

Radio stationsEedit

YLE's local radio stations in the wastren pairt o the region are Finnish-leid Ylen läntinen an Swedish-leid YLE Radio Vega Västnyland, in the Caipital Region Finnish-leid Ylen aikainen an Swedish-leid YLE Radio Vega Huvudstadsregionen, an in the eastren pairt Finnish-leid YLE Radio Itä-Uusimaa an Swadish-leid YLE Radio Vega Östnyland.


Hoosehauld pennant o Finnish-speakin Uusimaa/Nyland
Hoosehauld pennant o Swadish-speakin Uusimaa/Nyland
Main airticle: Heraldry of Uusimaa

The coat o airms o the region shows a yellae boat which is a seembol for the coastal auries, an twa siller streams which are the seembol for rivers.

Uusimaa/Nyland received its coat o airms at the end o the 16t century. There is an image o the coat o airms made in 1599. In 1997, the traditional coat o airms became the offeecial coat o airms o the region.


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