Finland Proper or Soothwast Finland[1] (Finnish: Varsinais-Suomi, Swadish: Egentliga Finland), is a region in sooth-wastren Finland. It borders the regions o Satakunta, Tavastie Proper an Uusimaa.

Finland Proper on a map o Finland

Historical Provinces Eedit

Regional Cooncil Eedit

Municipalities Eedit

The region o Finland Proper is made up o 28 municipalities, o which 11 are touns.

Touns Eedit

Finland Proper Sub-regions, touns an municipalities

Ither municipalities Eedit

Heraldry Eedit

The region uises the coat o airms o the historical province o Finland Proper.

Notes Eedit

  1. The regional cooncil o the region uises the name "Soothwast Finland". Despite this, the Leid Plannin Depairtment o Finland recommends the name "Finland Proper" as suggestit in the statement bi the Interior Meenistry o Finland in 1988.
  2. "Preliminar population structur bi aurie, 2022M01*-2023M02*". StatFin (in Finnish). Statistics Finland. Retrieved 4 Apryle 2023.

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Coordinates: 60°30′N 22°45′E / 60.500°N 22.750°E / 60.500; 22.750