Satakunta (Swadish: Satakunda, Laitin: Finnia Septentrionalis or Satagundia) is a region (maakunta / landskap) o Finland, pairt o the umwhile Wastren Finland Province. It borders the regions o Finland Proper, Tavastia Proper, Pirkanmaa, Soothren Ostrobothnie an Ostrobothnia. The main ceety o the region is Pori. The name o the region literally means Hunder. The historical province o the same name wis a lairger aurie athin Finland, coverin modren Satakunta as well as hintle o Pirkanmaa.

Satakunta on the map o Finland


The region o Satakunta is made up o 19 municipalities.


The airms are crouned bi a ducal coronet, tho in Finnish tradeetion this resembles a Swadish coont's coronet. Blazon: "Per fess Azure an Or, a bear rampant Sable, airmed an langued Gules, crouned Or, hauldin in baith paws a sword Argent, sword handle Or; surmuntit bi twa mullets o seiven Argent".

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Coordinates: 61°20′N 22°00′E / 61.333°N 22.000°E / 61.333; 22.000