Sipoo (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈsipoː], Swadish: Sibbo) is a municipality o Finland. Its seat is in Nikkilä/Nickby. It is the eastren neighbour o Helsinki an is locatit in the Uusimaa region. The municipality haes a population o 18,279 (31 Januar 2011) an covers an aurie o 698.59 square kilometres (269.73 sq mi) o which 358.97 km2 (138.60 sq mi) is watter.[1] The population density is 53.82 inhabitants per square kilometre (139.4 sq mi).


Sipoon kunta
Sibbo kommun
Sipoo Auld Kirk
Sipoo Auld Kirk
Coat of airms o Sipoo
Coat airms
Location o Sipoo in Finland
Location o Sipoo in Finland
Coordinates: 60°22.5′N 025°16′E / 60.3750°N 25.267°E / 60.3750; 25.267Coordinates: 60°22.5′N 025°16′E / 60.3750°N 25.267°E / 60.3750; 25.267
Kintra Finland
Sub-regionGreater Helsinki
 • Chairman o the municipal boardEero Seppänen
 • Chairman o the municipal assemblyChristel Liljeström
 • Municipal managerMarkku Luoma
 • Total698.60 km2 (269.73 sq mi)
 • Laund339.62 km2 (131.13 sq mi)
 • Water358.97 km2 (138.60 sq mi)
Area rank225t lairgest in Finland
 • Total22,350
 • Rank46t lairgest in Finland
 • Density65.81/km2 (170.4/sq mi)
Population bi native leid
 • Finnish59.5% (offeecial)
 • Swadish38.6% (offeecial)
 • Ithers1.9%
Population by age
 • 0 tae 1421.7%
 • 15 tae 6464.7%
 • 65 or aulder13.6%
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

The ance amaist completely Swadish-speakin municipality is syne 1953 bilingual, a majority being Finnish speakers syne 2003, due tae migration frae ither pairts o Finland. The day the Finnish-speakin majority staunds for ca 60% an the Swadish-speakin minority for aboot 39% o the population.[6]

On 16 Juin 2006, the Sipoo toun cooncil decidit on a strategy tae triple the municipality's population ower the next 25 years. The decision wis made efter Helsinki annoonced plans tae annex a pairt o the municipality in order tae continue tae build heich-end urbanizations in the coastline (an thus heich-tax revenue producin). The Finnish Cooncil o State votit in favour o the annexation on 18 Juin 2007, wi votes 8 tae 4.[7] Sipoo disputit this an appealed the Supreme Admeenistrative Court but the court upheld the decision o the Cooncil o State[8] an the annexation teuk place on 1 Januar 2009. As Helsinki did no directly border Sipoo at ony point, the ceety o Vantaa cedit the aurie lain atween Helsinki an Sipoo tae Helsinki in the process.

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