Greater Helsinki

Greater Helsinki (Finnish: Helsingin seutu, Suur-Helsinki, Swadish: Helsingforsregionen, Storhelsingfors) an the smawer Helsinki Metropolitan Aurie or (Finnish) Caipital Region (Pääkaupunkiseutu, Huvudstadsregionen) refer tae twa regions o different size surroondin Helsinki, the caipital o Finland. Greater Helsinki is sometimes incorrectly cried (the) Helsinki Region due tae an incorrect direct translation o the Finnish an Swadish terms Helsingin seutu an Helsingforsregionen. (Suur-Helsinki an Storhelsingfors are sometimes an aw uised tae refer tae the metropolitan aurie.)

Map o Greater Helsinki (licht green) an the Helsinki Metropolitan Aurie (daurk green).
Central Helsinki, the focal point o the Caipital Region, frae the sky.

These regions are locatit in the sooth o Finland, on the coast o the Gulf o Finland, which is pairt o the Baltic Sea. The smawer region includes Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, an Kauniainen an haes a population o aboot ane million. The Helsinki region is the lairgest urbanised aurie in the kintra, an is bi far the maist important economic, cultural, as well as scientific region of Finland. Aicht oot o Finland's 20 universities an maist o the heidquarters o notable companies an govrenmental institutions are locatit in Greater Helsinki, as is Finland's main aviation hub, Helsinki Airport, which is locatit in Vantaa.



In the strictest sense, the Finnish Caipital Region consists o fower municipalities wi ceety status, Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo an Kauniainen, whose total population is aboot ane million (2007). This aurie is maist aften cried the Helsinki Metropolitan Aurie or Caipital region in Scots, Pääkaupunkiseutu in Finnish, an Huvudstadsregionen in Swadish, although the uise o the terms is no especially consistent. Sometimes it is cried the "YTV aurie", referrin tae YTV, or the Helsinki Metropolitan Aurie Cooncil, which serves as a co-operation agency for the fower central municipalities, mainly providin for regional public transport an waste management services. The vast majority o the inhabitants live in the urban auries o the ceeties, but athin the bundaries o these ceeties there are an aw non-urban an suburban auries.

Commonly aboot aicht mair municipalities are considered tae be pairt o Greater Helsinki, as they can be considered as commuter touns an exurbs o Helsinki. When Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Nurmijärvi, Sipoo, Tuusula, and Vihti are includit, the number o inhabitants rises tae 1.2 million. Aw o the municipalities belang tae the region o Uusimaa, includin Sipoo, locatit on the coast east o Vantaa, which belangit tae Eastren Uusimaa.

Statistics Finland define the commuter belt o Helsinki (Helsingin työssäkäyntialue, Helsingfors pendlingsområde) tae include a total o 24 municipalities, with a land aurie o 7,359.80 km2 an a population o 1,431,108 as o 31 December 2007.[1][2] In addition tae that, there are fowk frae as far as Lahti an even Tampere commutin tae Helsinki daily.



The table belaw leets population, aurie, an population density for the lairgest municipalities o the Greater Helsinki aurie. (Note that "Helsinki Metropolitan Aurie" an the ither terms uised are no firmly established an mey vary in different contexts.)

Municipality Aurie Population (2011) Population density
Helsinki 213.75 km² 584,420 2,755.28/km²
Espoo 312,26 km² 248,355 795.35/km²
Vantaa 238.37 km² 200,410 840.75/km²
Kauniainen 5.88 km² 8,649 1,470.92/km²
Helsinki metropolitan aurie 770.26 km² 1,046,355 1,358.44/km²
Hyvinkää 322.62 km² 45,518 141.09/km²
Järvenpää 37.55 km² 38,674 1,029.93/km²
Kerava 30.62 km² 34,333 1,121.26/km²
Kirkkonummi 366.10 km² 36,965 100.97/km²
Nurmijärvi 361.84 km² 40,061 110.71/km²
Sipoo 339.62 km² 18,279 53.82/km²
Tuusula 219.51 km² 37,233 169.62/km²
Vihti 522.06 km² 28,357 54.32/km²
Mäntsälä 580.94 km² 19,959 34.36/km²
Ooter municipalities 2,780.76 km² 299,379 107.66/km²
Total : Greater Helsinki 3,551.02 km² 1,345,734 378.97/km²

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