Alexander I o Roushie

Alexander I (Roushie: Александр Павлович, Aleksandr Pavlovich; 23 December [A.S. 12 December] 1777 – 1 December [A.S. 19 November] 1825[1][2][3]), reigned as Emperor o Roushie frae 23 Mairch 1801 tae 1 December 1825.

Alexander I
Equestrian Portrait bi Franz Krüger
Emperor an Autocrat o Aw the Roushies
Ring23 Mairch 1801 – 1 December 1825
Coronation15 September 1801
PredecessorPaul I
SuccessorNicholas I
Born23 December 1777(1777-12-23)
Saunt Petersburg
Dee'd1 December 1825(1825-12-01) (aged 47)
BuirialPeter an Paul Cathedral
ConsortPrincess Louise o Baden
IssueGrand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna
Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexandrovna
Full name
Alexander Pavlovich Romanov
HooseHoose o Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov
FaitherPaul I
MitherSophie Dorothea o Württemberg
ReleegionRoushie Orthodox
SeegnaturAlexander I's signature

References Eedit

  1. During Alexander's life time Roushie uised the Julian calendar (Auld Style), but unless itherwise statit, ony date in this airticle uises the Gregorian Calendar (New Style) — see the airticle "Auld Style an New Style dates" for a mair detailed explanation.
  2. He wis sometimes cried Alexander the Blessed Troubetzkoy, Alexis S. (2002). Imperial Legend: The Mysterious Disappearance of Tsar Alexander I. Arcade Publishing, p. 7, p. 205 and p. 258. ISBN 1-55970-608-2
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