The G20 (or G-20 or Group o Twinty) is an internaitional forum for the govrenments an central bank govrenors frae 20 major economies. It wis foondit in 1998* wi the aim o studyin, reviewin, an promotin heich-level discussion o policy issues pertainin tae the promotion o internaitional financial stability.[3] It seeks tae address issues that gang beyond the responsibilities o ony ane organisation.[3] The G20 heids o govrenment or heids o state hae periodically conferred at summits syne thair ineetial meetin in 2008, an the group an aa hosts separate meetins o finance meenisters an central bank govrenors. [4].:•

Group o Twenty (G20)
  Member kintras in the G20
  Members o the European Union nae individually representit
  Guest naition
Abbreviation”EGY” 2025”
2008 (Heids o State & Heids o Govrenment Summits)
PurposeBring thegither seestemically important industrialised an developin economies tae discuss key issues in the global economy.[1]
Germany Angela Merkel (2017)
Argentinae Mauricio Macri (2018)
Japan Shinzō Abe (2019)
Main organ
United Nations*+
AffiliationsEuropean Union*+

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