French Revolutionary Wars

The French Revolutionary Wars war a series o sweepin militar conflicts, lastin frae 1792 till 1802, resultin frae the French Revolution.

French Revolutionary Wars

The Battle o Valmy
Date20 April 1792 – 25 March 1802
LocationEurope, Egyp, Middle East, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean
First Coaleetion
French veectory; Peace o Basel, Treaty o Campo Formio
Seicont Coaleetion
French veectory; Treaty o Lunéville, Treaty o Amiens

 Holy Roman Empire

 Prussia (1792–1795)[note 2]
 Great Breetain (1793–1800)[note 3]
Kinrick o Ireland Ireland (1793–1800)[note 3]
Unitit Kinrick Unitit Kinrick (1801–1802)
 Roushie (1799)
Kinrick o Fraunce French ryalists
Kinrick o Fraunce Coonter-revolutionaries
Spain Spain (1793–1795)[note 2]
Portugal Portugal
Other Italian states[note 4]
 Ottoman Empire
 Dutch Republic(1793–1795)[note 5]
Newfoundland (1796)
Sovereign Militar Order o Maltae Order o Saunt John (1798)
Maltae (1798–1800)

Fraunce Saint-Domingue rebels (1791–1794) (Haitian Revolution)

 Unitit States

Kinrick o Fraunce (1791–1792) Kinrick o Fraunce (1791–92) (till 1792)[note 6]
Fraunce French Republic (frq3 1792)

Denmark Denmark–Norway (Action o 16 Mey 1797)[note 10]

 Kingdom of Mysore (Fowerth Anglo-Mysore War)
Commanders an leaders

Habsburg Monarchy Francis II
Habsburg Monarchy Archduke Charles
Habsburg Monarchy Baillet de Latour
Habsburg Monarchy Coont o Clerfayt
Habsburg Monarchy Prince Josias o Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
Habsburg Monarchy József Alvinczi
Habsburg Monarchy Dagobert von Wurmser
Habsburg Monarchy Michael von Melas
Habsburg Monarchy Pál Kray
Kinrick o Proushie Frederick William II
Kinrick o Proushie Duke of Brunswick
Kinrick o Proushie Prince o Hohenlohe
Kinrick o Great Breetain William Pitt
Kinrick o Great Breetain Henry Addington
Kinrick o Great Breetain Charles O'Hara Surrendered
Kinrick o Great Breetain Duke o York
Kinrick o Great Breetain Horatio Nelson
Kinrick o Great Breetain Ralph Abercromby
Kinrick o Great Breetain Samuel Hood
Roushie Empire Paul I
Roushie Empire Alexander Suvorov
Kinrick o Fraunce Prince de Condé
Spain Charles IV (1793–1795) Portugal Mary I
Piedmont-Sardinie Victor Amadeus III
Kinrick o Naples Ferdinand IV
Ottoman Empire Selim III
Ottoman Empire Jezzar Pasha
Dutch Republic Laurens Pieter van de Spiegel (1793–1795)
Murad Bey
James Wallace
Sovereign Militar Order o Maltae Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim  Surrendered

Haiti Toussaint L'Ouverture

United States John Adams

Kinrick o Fraunce (1791–1792) Louis XVI  Executed
Kinrick o Fraunce (1791–1792) Jacques Pierre Brissot (1792–1793)
French First Republic Maximilien Robespierre (1793–1794)
French First Republic Paul Barras (1795–1799)
French First Republic Napoleon Bonaparte (from 1799)
Kinrick o Fraunce (1791–1792) Charles-F. Dumouriez
French First Republic François Christophe Kellermann
French First Republic François Étienne Kellermann
French First Republic Charles Pichegru
French First Republic Jean-Baptiste Jourdan
French First Republic Comte de Custine Executed
French First Republic Lazare Hoche
French First Republic André Masséna
French First Republic Jean V. M. Moreau
French First Republic Louis Desaix 
French First Republic Jacques François Dugommier 
French First Republic Pierre Augereau
French First Republic Jean Baptiste Kléber 
French First Republic Jacques MacDonald
French First Republic Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
Wolfe Tone 
Jan Henryk Dąbrowski

Denmark Christian VII
Denmark Olfert Fischer
Denmark Steen Bille

Kinrick Mysore Tipu Sultan 


  1. The Austrian Netherlands an the Duchy o Milan war unner direct Austrick rule. Mony ither Italian states, as well as ither Habsburg ruled states such as the Grand Duchy o Tuscany, haed close ties wi the Habsburgs.
  2. a b Neutral follaein the Treaty o Basel in 1795.
  3. a b Acame the Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Ireland on 1 Januar 1801.
  4. Virtually aw o the Italian states, includin the neutral Papal States an the Republic o Venice, war conquered follaein Napoleon's invasion in 1796 an became French satellite states.
  5. Maist forces fled rather than engagin the invadin French airmy. Allied wi Fraunce in 1795 as the Batavian Republic follaeing the Peace o Basel.
  6. War against Austrick wis actually annoonced in the Naitional Assembly bi then Keeng Louis XVI o the French on 20 Aprile 1792 while the kinrick still existit in name. (Constitutional) monarchy wis suspended on 10 August follaein the assault on the Tuileries, an abolished 21 September 1792
  7. Stairtit the Erse Rebellion o 1798 against Breetish rule.
  8. Arrived in Fraunce follaein the aboleetion o the Pols-Lithuanie Commonweel efter the Third Partition in 1795.
  9. Re-entered the war as an ally o Fraunce efter signin the Seicont Treaty o San Ildefonso.
  10. Offeecially neutral but Dens fleet wis attacked bi Great Breetain at the Battle o Copenhagen.