Cluj-Napoca (Romanie pronunciation: [ˈkluʒ naˈpoka] ( listen); German: Klausenburg; Hungarian: Kolozsvár, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈkoloʒvaːr]; Medieval Laitin: Castrum Clus, Claudiopolis; Yiddish: קלויזנבורג‎, Kloiznburg), commonly kent as Cluj, is the seicont maist muckle ceety in Romanie[4] an the seat o Cluj Coonty in the northwastren pairt o the kintra. Geographically, it is roughly equidistant frae Bucharest (324 km / 201 mi), Budapest (351 km / 218 mi) an Belgrade (322 km / 200 mi). Locatit in the Someşul Mic River valley, the ceety is considered the unoffeecial caipital tae the historical province o Transylvanie. In 1790–1848 an 1861–1867, it wis the offeecial caipital o the Grand Principality o Transylvanie.

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Treasure Ceety
(Romanie: oraşul comoară);[1] (Hungarian: kincses város)[2]
Location o Cluj-Napoca
Location o Cluj-Napoca
Coordinates: 46°46′N 23°35′E / 46.767°N 23.583°E / 46.767; 23.583Coordinates: 46°46′N 23°35′E / 46.767°N 23.583°E / 46.767; 23.583
Kintra Romanie
CoontyActual Cluj county CoA.png Cluj
Metropolitan aurieCluj-Napoca metropolitan aurie
StatusCoonty caipital
Foondit1213 (first offeecial record as Clus)
 • MayorEmil Boc (PDL)
 • Deputy MayorGheorghe Șurubaru (PDL)
 • Deputy MayorAnna Horváth (UDMR)
 • Ceety179.5 km2 (69.3 sq mi)
 • Metro
1537.5 km2 (593.6 sq mi)
 (2011 census[3])
 • Ceety309,136
 • Density1722/km2 (4,460/sq mi)
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal Code
Area code(s)+40 x642
Caur PlatesCJ-N3
1x, y, an z are digits that indicate the street, pairt o the street, or even the biggin o the address
2x is a digit indicating the operator: 2 for the former national operator, Romtelecom, and 3 for the other ground telephone networks
3used just on the plates of vehicles that operate only within the city limits (such as trolley buses, trams, utility vehicles, ATVs, etc.)

Internaitional relationsEedit

Twin touns — Sister ceetiesEedit

Cluj-Napoca is twinned wi:[5]


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