Vologodsky Destrict

Vologodsky Destrict (Roushie: Волого́дский райо́н) is a admeenistrative[1] an municipal[3] destrict (raion), ane o the twinty-sax in Vologda Oblast, Roushie. It is locatit in the centre o the oblast an borders wi Ust-Kubinsky an Sokolsky Destricts in the northeast, Mezhdurechensky Destrict in the east, Gryazovetsky Destrict in the sootheast, Poshekhonsky Destrict o Yaroslavl Oblast in the soothwast, Sheksninsky Destrict in the wast, an wi Kirillovsky Destrict in the northwast. The aurie o the destrict is 4,500 square kilometer (1,700 sq mi).[4] Its admeenistrative centre is the ceety o Vologda[9] (which is no admeenistratively a pairt o the destrict).[1] Population: 50,438 (2010 Census);[5] 50,956 (2002 Census);[10] 64,946 (1989 Census).[11] As o 2010, Vologodsky Destrict wis the maist populous amang aw the destricts o Vologda Oblast.[5]

Vologodsky Destrict
Вологодский район (Roushie)
Location of Vologodsky District (Vologda Oblast).svg
Location o Vologodsky Destrict in Vologda Oblast
Coordinates: 59°26′N 39°41′E / 59.433°N 39.683°E / 59.433; 39.683Coordinates: 59°26′N 39°41′E / 59.433°N 39.683°E / 59.433; 39.683
Coat of Arms of Vologda rayon (Vologda oblast).png
Flag of Vologodsky rayon (Vologda oblast).gif
Coat o airms o Vologodsky Destrict
Banner o Vologodsky Destrict
Federal subjectVologda Oblast[1]
Administrative structure (as o Juin 2012)
Admeenistrative centreceetyVologda[2]
Admeenistrative diveesions:[2]
Inhabitit localities:[2]
Rural localities912
Municipal structure (as o July 2012)
Municipally incorporatit asVologodsky Municipal Destrict[3]
Municipal diveesions:[3]
Urban settlements0
Rural settlements12
Aurie4,500 km2 (1,700 sq mi)[4]
Population (2010 Census)50,438 inhabitants[5]
• Urban0%
• Rural100%
Density11.21/km2 (29.0/sq mi)[6]
Time zoneMSK (UTC+03:00)[7]
Established15 Julie 1929[8]
Offeecial wabsteid
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The destrict is elongatit frae northwast tae sootheast wi Loch Kubenskoye, ane of the biggest lakes in Vologda Oblast, formin its northeastren border. The loch is shared atween Vologodsky an Ust-Kubensky Destricts. Amaist aw o the destrict's territory lees in the basin o the Sukhona River. In pairticular, the rivers in the north lee in the basin o Loch Kubenskoye, the source o the Sukhona, an the soothren pairt is in the basin o the Vologda River, ane o the major tributars o the Sukhona. The Lezha River, anither major tributar o the Sukhona, forms the sootheastren border o the destrict, an the Sukhona itsel forms the eastren border, upstream frae the mooth o the Lezha.

Minor auries in the northwast o the destrict are in the Sheksna River's basin an some auries in the sooth o the destrict are in the basin o the Sogozha River. Baith rivers are left tributars o the Volga, an thus the divide atween the basins o the White an the Caspian Seas crosses the destrict.


Vologda was first mentioned in reliable sources in 1264 as a remote dounset controlled bi the Novgorod Republic. Subsequently, it became an important dounset on the trade route connectin Central Roushie tae the White Sea via the Northren Dvina River, an tharefore it wis a subject o frequent disputes atween Novgorod an the Grand Duchy o Moscow. In the 15t century, it became the seat o the quasi-unthirlt Principality o Vologda, which wis maist o the time controlled bi Moscow an which includit the current aurie o Vologodsky Destrict. In the 15t century, the aurie became a pairt o the Grand Duchy o Moscow.

In the course o the admeenistrative reform carriet oot in 1708 bi Peter the Great, the aurie wis includit intae Archangelgorod Govrenorate. Vologda wis specifically mentioned as ane o the touns comprisin the govrenorate. In 1780, Archangelogorod Govrenorate was abolisht an transformit intae Vologda Viceryalty, an in 1796 the latter wis split intae Arkhangelsk an Vologda Govrenorates. Wha is nou Vologodsky Destrict wis then a pairt o Vologodsky Uyezd o Vologda Govrenorate.

On 15 Julie 1929, several govrenorates, includin Vologda Govrenorate, wur mergit intae Northren Krai, an the uyezds wur abolisht. Insteid, Vologodsky Destrict wi the admeenistrative centre in Vologda wis establisht as a pairt o Vologda Okrug. On 20 Juin 1932, the destrict wis abolisht. Some o its territory wis transferred tae Chyobsarsky, Gryazovetsky, an Ust-Kubinsky Destricts, an the rest wis admeenistratively subordinatit tae Vologda.[8]

In the follaein years, the first-level admeenistrative diveesion o Roushie kept chyngin. In 1936, Northren Krai wis transformit intae Northren Oblast, which in turn wis split intae Arkhangelsk Oblast an Vologda Oblast in 1937. On 1 September 1938, Vologodsky Destrict wis re-establisht.[8]

On 15 Julie 1929, Chyobsarsky Destrict wi the admeenistrative centre in Chyobsara wis establisht. On 13 Dizember 1962, it wis abolisht an its territory wis split atween Vologodsky an Cherepovetsky Destricts. On 12 Januar 1965, Sheksninsky Destrict wis establisht, which includit some o the auries o the umwhile Chyobsarsky Destrict, includin the urban-teep dounset o Chyobsara.[8]

On 15 Julie 1929, Kubeno-Ozersky Destrict wi the admeenistrative centre in the selo o Kubenskoye wis establisht an aw. On 13 Dizember 1962, it wis abolisht an mergit intae Vologodsky Destrict.[8]

Admeenistrative an municipal statusEedit

Athin the framewirk o admeenistrative diveesions, Vologodsky Destrict is ane o the twinty-sax in the oblast.[1] The ceety o Vologda serves as its admeenistrative centre,[9] despite bein incorporatit separately as a ceety o oblast significance—a admeenistrative unit wi the status equal tae that o the destricts.[1]

As a municipal diveesion, the destrict is incorporatit as Vologodsky Municipal Destrict.[3] The ceety o oblast significance o Vologda is incorporatit separately frae the destrict as Vologda Urban Okrug.[12]



In 2011, fuid industrie wis the leadin industrie in the destrict, producin 61% o the gross product. Timber industrie is next in importance.[13]


Crops are grown in the destrict, an meat, milk, an eggs are producit. In 2011, the destrict producit mair crops, milk, meat, an eggs than ony ither destrict o Vologda Oblast.[13]


Ane o the principal heich-gates in Roushie, M8, which connects Moscow an Arkhangelsk, crosses the eastren pairt o the destrict frae sooth tae north. In Vologda, twa mair heich-gates branch aff. Anither heich-gate, A114, connectin Vologda tae Cherepovets an Saunt Petersburg, runs wast frae Vologda, an the heich-gate connectin Vologda wi the touns o Kirillov, Vytegra, an Pudozh runs northwast alang the axis o the destrict.

The railwey connectin Yaroslavl an Vologda crosses the destrict frae sooth tae north. In the sooth o the destrict, a railwey tae Buy branches aff sootheast. The railwey connectin Vologda wi Cherepovets an Saunt Petersburg begins in Vologda an runs wast throu the destrict.

Loch Kubenskoye an the Sukhona River are baith navigable, as well as the Lezha an the Vologda in their lawer courses, but thare is nae passenger navigation.

Cultur an recreationEedit

The Chapel o Iliya the Prophet in the Ethnographic Museum in Semyonkovo

The destrict contains sax objects classified as cultural an historical heritage bi the Roushie Federal law an addeetionally saxty-aicht objects classifee'd as cultural an historical heritage o local importance.[14] The objects protected at the federal level are the Ethnographic Museum in Semyonkovo, the Mozhaysky Estate in Mozhayskoye (umwhile Kotelnikovo), the Intercession Kirk in Pokrovskoye, an the Ulyanov Hoose in Raskopino.

There are three museums in the destrict. The Ethnographic Museum in Semyonkovo is an open air museum which is creatit for preservation o tradeetional firthen airchitectur in the central an eastren pairts o Vologda Oblast.[15] The umwhile Mozhaysky Estate in the dounset o Mozhayskoye is nou the museum o Alexander Mozhaysky.[16] Alexander Mozhaysky, Roushie aviation pioneer, who in 1884 constructit a monoplane aircraft an performit an unsuccessful attempt tae tak aff, livit in the estate, which belangit tae his wife, atween 1860 an 1863. The Vologda Destrict Museum is locatit in the selo o Kubenskoye.[17]

Sergey Ilyushin, Soviet aircraft designer an the foonder o the Ilyushin Design Bureau, wis born in 1894 in the veelage o Dilyalevo, currently in Vologodsky Destrict.



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