The Volga (Roushie: Во́лга) is the langest river in Europe; it is Europe's lairgest river in terms o dischairge an wattershed an aw. It flows throu central Roushie, an is widely viewed as the naitional river o Roushie. Eleiven o the twinty lairgest ceeties o Roushie, includin the caipital, Moscow, are situatit in the Volga's drainage basin. Some o the lairgest reservoirs in the warld can be foond alang the Volga. The river haes a seembolic meanin in Roushie cultur an is aften referred tae as Volga-Matushka (Mither Volga) in Roushie leeteratur an fowklear.

The Volga at Ulyanovsk
Map o the Volga drainage basin
Native nameВолга
Main sourceValdai Hills, Tver Oblast
228[1] m (748 ft)
57°9′N 32°36′E / 57.150°N 32.600°E / 57.150; 32.600
River moothCaspian Sea
Astrakhan Oblast
−28[1] m (−92 ft)
45°50′N 47°58′E / 45.833°N 47.967°E / 45.833; 47.967Coordinates: 45°50′N 47°58′E / 45.833°N 47.967°E / 45.833; 47.967[2]
Basin size1,380,000 km2 (530,000 sq mi)
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth3,530[1] km (2,190 mi)
  • Average rate:
    8,060 m3/s (285,000 cu ft/s)


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