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Melbourne is a ceety in Victoria, Australie. It is Victoria's caipital an haes aboot 4.1 million indwallers (2009). It is the seicont biggest ceety in Australie.

Melbourne city montage.jpg
Melbourne is locatit in Australia
Coordinates 37°48′49″S 144°57′47″E / 37.81361°S 144.96306°E / -37.81361; 144.96306Coordinates: 37°48′49″S 144°57′47″E / 37.81361°S 144.96306°E / -37.81361; 144.96306
Population 4,442,919 fowk (2014)[1] (2nt)
 • Density 430/km2 (1,100/sq mi) [2]
Established 30 August 1835
Elevation 31 m (102 ft)
Aurie 9,990.5 km2 (3,857.4 sq mi)(GCCSA)[3]
Time zone AEST (UTC+10)
 • Simmer (DST) AEDT (UTC+11)
LGA(s) 31 Municipalities athort Greater Melbourne
Coonty Grant, Bourke, Mornington
State electorate(s) 54 electoral districts and regions
Federal Diveesion(s) 23 Diveesions
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfaw
20.15 °C
68 °F
10.25 °C
50 °F
646.9 mm
25.5 in

Sister ceetiesEedit

Melbourne haes seiven internaitional sister ceeties.[4] Accordin tae the Ceety o Melbourne cooncil, "the ceety as a whole haes been nourished bi thair influence, which extends frae educational, cultural an' sporting exchanges 'ae unparalleled business networking opportunities."[5][6][7] The recognised ceeties are: