state o Australie
(Reguidit frae Victoria (Australie))

Victoria (abbreviatit as Vic.) is a state in the sootheast o Austrailie. Geografically the smawest mainland state, Victoria is bordered bi New Sooth Wales tae the north, the Tasman Sea tae the east, the Bass Strait an Tasmanie tae the sooth,[note 1] an Sooth Australie tae the wast. Australie's maist densely-populatit state, maist o Victoria's population is concentratit in the aurie surroondin Port Phillip, includin the caipital an lairgest ceety, Melbourne, which is Australie's seicont-lairgest ceety oweraw an aw.

alt text for flag alt text for coat of arms
Flag Coat o airms
Slogan or elk-nameThe Garden State
The Place to Be
The Education State
Motto(s)Peace and Prosperity
Map o Australie wi Victoria hielichtit
Ither Australie states an territories
Caipital ceetyMelbourne
GovrenmentConstitutional monarchy
 • GovrenorLinda Dessau
 • PremierDaniel Andrews (ALP)
Australie state 
 • Colony established1851
 • Responsible
 • Federation1901
 • Australie Act3 Mairch 1986
 • Total237,639 km² (6t)
91,753 sq mi
 • Laund227,420 km²
87,807 sq mi
 • Watter10,213 km² (4.3%)
3,943 sq mi
(Mairch 2016)[1]
 • Population6,039,100 (2nt)
 • Densitie26.55/km² (2nt)
68.8 /sq mi
 • Heichest pointMount Bogong
1,986 m (6,516 ft)
Gross state product
 • Product ($m)$370,504[2] (2nt)
 • Product per caipita$54,774 (6t)
Time zone(s)UTC+10 (AEST)
Federal representation 
 • Hoose seats37/150
 • Senate seats12/76
 • PostalVIC
 • ISO 3166-2AU-VIC
 • FloralPink heath[3]
 • AinimalLeadbeater's possum
 • BirdHelmetit honeyeater
 • FishWeedy seadragon
 • Mineral or gemstaneGowd[4]
 • ColoursNavy blue an siller[5]


  1. Due tae a previous surveyin error, Victoria an Tasmanie share a laund border on Boundary Islet. At 85 metre (93 yd) in length, the border is the smawest atween ony Australie state or territory.


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