States an territories o Australie

Australie (offeecially kent as the Commonweel o Australie) is a federation o sax states, thegither wi ten federal territories.

Australie states an territories
PerthAdelaideMelbourneCanberraSydneyBrisbaneDarwinHobartTasmaniaAustralie Caipital TerritoryAustralie Caipital TerritoryWastren AustralieNorthren TerritorySooth AustralieQueenslandNew Sooth WalesVictoriaTasmanieGreat Australie BichtTasman SeaIndian OceanCoral SeaIndonesiePapua New GuineaGulf o CarpentariaArafura SeaEast TimorTimor SeaGreat Barrier Reef
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CategoryFederatit states (6)
Internal federal territories (3)
Freemit federal territories (7)
LocationCommonweel o Australie
Populations0 (Ashmore an Cartier Islands, Heard an McDonald Islands) – 7,704,300 (New Sooth Wales)
Auries10 km2 (3.9 sq mi) (Coral Sea Islands) – 5,896,500 km2 (2,276,700 sq mi) (Australian Antarctic Territory)
SubdiveesionsLocal govrenment auries
Cadastral diveesions

Freemit territories, states an territories eedit

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States an territories o Australie[1]
Banner State/territory name Abbrev ISO[2] Postal Teep Caipital
(or lairgest dounset)
Population[3] Area (km²)[4]
[n 1] Ashmore an Cartier Islands External (Offshore anchorage) 0 199
[n 1] Australie Antarctic Territory AAT AQ[n 2] External Davis Station 1,000[n 3] 5,896,500
  Australie Caipital Territory ACT AU-ACT ACT Territory Canberra 395,200 2,358
  Christmas Island CX External[n 4] Flying Fish Cove 2,072 135
  Cocos (Keeling) Islands CC External[n 4] West Island 596 14
[n 1] Coral Sea Islands External (Willis Island) 4[n 5] 10
[n 1] Heard Island an McDonald Islands HIMI HM External (Atlas Cove) 0 372
[n 1] Jervis Bay Territory JBT JBT Territory (Jervis Bay Village) 377 70
  New Sooth Wales NSW AU-NSW NSW State Sydney 7,704,300 800,642
  Norfolk Island NF External Kingston 2,302 35
  Northren Territory NT AU-NT NT Territory Darwin 244,000 1,349,129
  Queensland Qld AU-QLD QLD State Brisbane 4,827,000 1,730,648
  Sooth Australie SA AU-SA SA State Adelaide 1,706,500 983,482
  Tasmanie Tas AU-TAS TAS State Hobart 518,500 68,401
  Victoria Vic AU-VIC VIC State Melbourne 6,039,100 227,416
  Wastren Australie WA AU-WA WA State Perth[5] 2,613,700 2,529,875

Notes eedit

  1. a b c d e The national   Banner o Australie is uised in territories which hae na banner o thair awn.
  2. Under the definitions in ISO 3166-1, the AAT is covered by the Antarctican ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code "AQ".
  3. No permanent population, research station with fluctuating staff numbers.
  4. a b Part of geographic Australia
  5. No permanent population, weather monitoring station generally with four staff.

References eedit

  1. Unless providit, references an details on data providit in the table can be foond within the individual state an territory airticles.
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  5. The auld caipital o Wastren Australie wis technically Broome, awtho it wis niver quite defined as such. Perth wis eventually defined as the caipital bi statute in 2016: City of Perth Act 2016 (WA) in AustLII.