Constitutional monarchy

A kintra wi a pairlament or leemitit monarchy is a form o govrenment staiblished unner a constitutional seestem that haes an electit or hereditar monarch as heid o state, as contrair tae an absolute monarchy, whaur the monarch isna thirlt by a consteetution an is the ae soorde o poleetical pouer. (The Unitit Kinrick is a kintra wi pairlament e'en tho it daesna hae an actual written constitution.) The process o govrenment an law athin a kinrick wi a pairlament is for ordinar gey different frae that in an absolute monarchy.

In maist kinricks wi a pairlament the monarch can be regairdit as the heid o state but the prime meenister, whase pouer comes directly or indirectly frae elections, is the heid o govrenment.