Australie Labor Pairty

The Australie Labor Pairty (ALP; kent juist as Labor an aw) is an Australien poleetical pairty. It hae been the govrenin pairty o the Commonweel o Australie syne the 2007 federal election. Julia Gillard is the pairty's federal pairlamentary leader an Prime Meenister o Australie. Labor currently govrens in ilk territory an in the states o Queensland, Sooth Australia an Tasmania.

Australie Labor Pairty
LeaderBill Shorten MP
Deputy LeaderTanya Plibersek MP
Heidquarters161 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2600
IdeologySocial Democracy,
Thrid Way
Poleetical poseetionCentre-left
Internaitional affiliationSocialist International
Hoose o Reprasentatives
72 / 150
31 / 76

Foondit in 1891 bi the emergin laubour movement in Australie, Labor is the kintra's auldest active poleetical pairty, haein contestit an won state seats frae 1891, federal seats follaein the Federation at the 1901 federal election, an gained Australie's first majority in either hoose at the 1910 federal election. The ALP pre-dates baith the Breetish Labour Pairty an New Zealand Labour Pairty amang ithers in baith pairty formation an govrenment. The pairty competes conter the Leeberal/Naitional Coalition fir poleetical office at the federal an state (an at times local) level.


Prime Meenister Julia Gillard, Leader o the Australien Labor Pairty syne 24 Juin 2010
Chris Watson, first leader o the Federal Laubour Pairty 1901–07 (held the balance o pouer) an Prime Meenister o Australie in 1904
Andrew Fisher, Labor Prime Meenister o Australie 1908–09, 1910–13, 1914–15
Billy Hughes, Labor Prime Meenister o Australie 1915-16
James Scullin, Labor Prime Meenister o Australie 1929–32
John Curtin, Labor Prime Meenister o Australie 1941–45
Ben Chifley, Labor Prime Meenister o Australie 1945–49
Bob Hawke, Labor Prime Meenister o Australie 1983–91
Paul Keating, Labor Prime Meenister o Australie 1991–96
Kevin Rudd, Labor Prime Meenister o Australie 2007–10

The ALP adoptit the formal name "Australien Laubour Pairty" in 1908, but chyngit the spellin tae "Labor" in 1912. Altho hit is staundard practice in Australien Inglis sin syne tae spell the wird labour wi a "u", the pairty wis influencit bi the Unitit States laubour movement an a prominent figure in the early history o the pairty, American–born King O'Malley, wis successfu in haein the spellin "modrenisit". The chynge made hit easier tae distinguish references atween the pairty an the laubour movement an aw. Mair oot ower, the spellin "labor" hae been acceptit in baith Breetish an Australien Inglis in earlier periods. (See an aw: Spellin in Australien Inglis)



Modren Labor


Various ideological beliefs war factionalised unner reforms tae the ALP unner Gough Whitlam, resultin in what is nou kent as the Socialist Left wham tend te favour a mair interventionist economic policy an mair socially progressive ideals, an Laubour Richt, the nou dominant faction that tends tae bi mair economically leeberal an focus less on social problems.

The Whitlam govrenment wis the first Australien govrenment tae uise the term economic rationalism. The Gough Whitlam Labor govrenment frae 1972 tae 1975 wis different tae foregane Labor govrenments, in that hit pursued social-democratic policies raither than democratic socialist policies, a precursor tae the pairty's current thrid way poseetion. Unner the Whitlam govrenment, tariffs ayont mairches war cut bi 25 percent efter 23 years o Labor bein in opposeetion

The Bob Hawke an Paul Keating govrenments frae 1983 tae 1996 pursued mony economic policies associatit wi economic rationalism an the "Thrid Way", sic as floatin the Australien Dollar in 1983, reductions in trade tariffs, taxation reforms, chynging frae centralised wage-fixin tae enterprise bargaining, the privatisation o Qantas an Commonweel Bank, an deregulatin the bankin seestem.

It is an aa said bi a umwhile staff memer o Tony Blair that New Laubour an Blair learnt frae the Hawke govrenment in the 1980s on how tae govren when thay teuk pouer in the UK.

Foregane Labor leader Kevin Rudd's first speech tae pairlament in 1998 statit:

Competitive markets are massive and generally efficient generators of economic wealth. They must therefore have a central place in the management of the economy. But markets sometimes fail, requiring direct government intervention through instruments such as industry policy. There are also areas where the public good dictates that there should be no market at all.

We are not afraid of a vision in the Labor Party, but nor are we afraid of doing the hard policy yards necessary to turn that vision into reality. Parties of the Centre Left around the world are wrestling with a similar challenge—the creation of a competitive economy while advancing the overriding imperative of a just society. Some call this the `third way'. The nomenclature is unimportant. What is important is that it is a repudiation of Thatcherism and its Australian derivatives represented opposite. It is in fact a new formulation of the nation's economic and social imperatives.

awtho Rudd describes himsel as "basically a conservative when it comes to questions of public financial management", pointin tae his sleeshin o public service jobs as a Queensland govrenmental advisor.

ALP Federal Leaders

Shown by default in chronological order of leadership
Year Name Term in office Period Time in office
1901 Chris Watson Prime Meenister 1904 Mey 1901-October 1907 06y 07m
1907 Andrew Fisher Prime Meenister 1908-1909, 1910-1913, 1914-1915 October 1907 – 27 October 1915 08y 00m
1915 Billy Hughes Prime Meenister 1915-1923 27 October 1915 – 14 November 1916 01y 01m
1916 Frank Tudor 14 November 1916 – 10 Januar 1922 05y 01m
1922 Matthew Charlton 16 Mey 1922 – 29 Mairch 1928 05y 10m
1928 James Scullin Prime Meenister 1929-1932 26 Aprile 1928 - 1 October 1935 07y 05m
1935 John Curtin Prime Meenister 1941-1945 1 October 1935 – 5 Julie 1945 09y 09m
1945 Frank Forde Prime Meenister 1945 6 Julie 1945 - 13 Julie 1945 00y 00m
1945 Ben Chifley Prime Meenister 1945-1949 13 Julie 1945 - 13 Juin 1951 05y 11m
1951 Dr. H.V. Evatt 13 Juin 1951 – 9 Februar 1960 08y 07m
1960 Arthur Calwell 7 Mairch 1960 - 8 Februar 1967 06y 11m
1967 Gough Whitlam Prime Meenister 1972-1975 9 Februar 1967 – 22 December 1977 10y 10m
1977 Bill Hayden 22 December 1977 – 3 Februar 1983 05y 01m
1983 Bob Hawke Prime Meenister 1983-1991 3 Februar 1983 - 20 December 1991 08y 10m
1991 Paul Keating Prime Meenister 1991-1996 20 December 1991 – 11 Mairch 1996 04y 02m
1996 Kim Beazley First term 19 Mairch 1996 – 22 November 2001 05y 08m
2001 Simon Crean 22 November 2001 – 2 December 2003 02y 00m
2003 Mark Latham 2 December 2003 – 28 Januar 2005 01y 01m
2005 Kim Beazley Secont term 28 Januar 2005 – 4 December 2006 01y 10m
2006 Kevin Rudd Prime Meenister 2007-2010 4 December 2006 – 24 Juin 2010 03y 06m
2010 Julia Gillard Prime Meenister 2010-present 24 Juin 2010–the nou Incumbent
See an aw: Leet o ALP federal leaders bi time in office

ALP Federal Depute Leaders

Shown in chronological order of leadership
Year Name Notes
1901 Gregor McGregor
1914 Billy Hughes Syne Prime Meenister 1915-23
1915 Sir George Pearce
1916 Albert Gardiner
1927 James Scullin Syne Prime Meenister 1929-32
1928 Arthur Blakeley
1929 Ted Theodore Foreganin Premier o Queensland 1919-25
1932 Frank Forde
1946 Dr. H.V. Evatt Syne Leader 1951-60
1951 Arthur Calwell Syne Leader 1960-67
1960 Gough Whitlam Syne Prime Meenister 1972-75
1967 Lance Barnard
1974 Jim Cairns
1975 Frank Crean
1975 Tom Uren
1977 Lionel Bowen
1990 Paul Keating Syne Prime Meenister 1991-96
1991 Brian Howe
1995 Kim Beazley Syne Leader 1996-2001, 2005-06
1996 Gareth Evans
1998 Simon Crean Syne Leader 2001-03
2001 Jenny Macklin
2006 Julia Gillard Syne Prime Meenister 2010-present
2010 Wayne Swan Incumbent

ALP State and Territory Parliamentary Leaders

Australie Labor Pairty
20 / 93
51 / 89
26 / 47
10 / 25
43 / 88
26 / 59



Foregane Premiers an Heid Meenisters


Northren Territory

  • Clare Martin (2001–2007, first Labor Heid Meenister o the Northren Territory, first female Heid Meenister o the Northren Territory)

Australien Caipital Territory

  • Rosemary Follett (1989, 1991–95, inaugural Heid Meenister o the ACT, an first female heid o govrenment o a Australien state or territory)

New Sooth Wales

see an aw Leader o the Australien Labor Pairty in New Sooth Wales


Sooth Australia



Western Australia

Ither foregane Labor politeecians


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