Kazan (Roushie: Каза́нь; Tatar: Казан, Qazan) is the caipital ceity o the Republic o Tatarstan, Roushie. Wi a population o 1,105,000 (2002), it is the saxth lairgest ceity o Roushie. Kazan lies at the confluence o the Volga an Kazanka Rivers in European Roushie. In April 2009, the Roushie Patent Office grantit Kazan the richt tae brand itsel as the "Third Caipital" o Roushie. In 2009 it wis chosen as the "sports caipital o Roushie".[12] The Kazan Kremlin is a Warld Heritage Steid.


Ceity o republic significance[1]
Ither transcription(s)
 • TatarКазан
Various places in Kazan
Various places in Kazan
Banner o Kazan
Coat of airms o Kazan
Coat airms
Location o Kazan
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Coordinates: 55°47′N 49°10′E / 55.783°N 49.167°E / 55.783; 49.167Coordinates: 55°47′N 49°10′E / 55.783°N 49.167°E / 55.783; 49.167
Federal subjectTatarstan[1]
Foondit1005[2] (see text)
 • BodiCeity Duma[3]
 • Mayor[4]Ilsur Metshin[4]
 • Total425.3 km2 (164.2 sq mi)
60 m (200 ft)
 • Total1,143,535
 • Estimate 
1,243,500 (+8.7%)
 • Rank8t in 2010
 • Density2,700/km2 (7,000/sq mi)
 • Subordinatit taeceity o republic significance o Kazan[1]
 • Caipital oRepublic o Tatarstan
 • Caipital oceity o republic significance o Kazan[1]
 • Urban okrugKazan Urban Okrug[7]
 • Caipital oKazan Urban Okrug[7]
Time zoneUTC+3 (Moscow Time Edit this on Wikidata[8])
Postal code(s)[9]
Dialin code(s)+7 843[10]
Ceity DayAugust 30[11]
Twin tounsJūrmala, Antalya, Jeddah, Istanbul, Braunschweig, College Station, Hyderabad, Urbino, Astana, Astrakhan, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk, VeronaEdit this on Wikidata
OKTMO ID92701000001

Internaitional relationsEedit


Twa consulates general are foond in Kazan.[13]

An aa, there is   Italian Visa Center in Kazan.[14]

Twin touns — Sister ceitiesEedit

Kazan is twinned wi:

Internaitional organisations membershipEedit

Kazan haes an Alliance française centre.

Kazan haes an American Corner.[1] Archived 2012-07-07 at Archive.today


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