sovereign kintra in North Africae

Algerie or Algeirie (Arabic: الجزائر, al-Jazā’ir, Kabyle: Lezzayer), the Fowkdemocratic Republic o Algeirie (formally referred tae as the Democratic an Popular Republict o Algeirie an aw) official-like, is a kintra in North Africae. In terms o land aurie, it is the lairgest kintra on the Mediterranean Sea an Africae, an the eleivent-lairgest kintra in the warld.

Fowkdemocratic Republic o Algerie

جمهورية الجزائر الديمقراطية الشعبية  (Arabic)
Tagduda Tadzayrit Tugduyant Tagherfant  (Berber leids)
République algérienne démocratique et populaire  (French)
Banner o Algeirie
Motto: بالشّعب وللشّعب (Arabic)
(Scots: "Bi the fowk an for the fowk")[1][2]
(Scots: "We Hecht")
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Location o  Algerie  (dark blue) – in Africa  (light blue & dark grey) – in the African Union  (light blue)
Location o  Algerie  (dark blue)

– in Africa  (light blue & dark grey)
– in the African Union  (light blue)

Location o Algeirie
36°42′N 3°13′E / 36.700°N 3.217°E / 36.700; 3.217
Lairgest ceetycapital
Offeecial leidsArabic[3]
Ither leids
Ethnic groups
  • 99% Arab-Berber[4][a]
  • 1% European an ithers[4]
GovrenmentUnitar semi-presidential republic
• Preses
Abdelmadjid Tebboune
Aymen Benabderrahmane
Salah Goudjil
Slimane Chenine
Cooncil o the Naition
Fowk's Naitional Assembly
Independence frae Fraunce
• Recognisit
3 Julie 1962
• Declared
5 Julie 1962
• Total
2,381,741 km2 (919,595 sq mi) (10th)
• Water (%)
• 2014 estimate
38,700,000[5] (34t)
• 2013 census
• Density
15.9/km2 (41.2/sq mi) (208t)
GDP (PPP)2014 estimate
• Total
$302.476 billion[6]
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2014 estimate
• Tot
$219.453 billion[6]
• Per capita
Gini (1995)35.3[7]
HDI (2013)Steady 0.717[8]
heich · 93rd
CurrencyAlgeirie dinar (DZD)
Time zoneCET (UTC+01)
Drivin sideright[9]
Cawin code+213
ISO 3166 codeDZ
Internet TLD
  1. ^ The CIA World Factbook states that aboot 15% o Algeiriens, a minority, identifee as Berber even tho amaist aw Algeiriens hae Berber oreegins insteid o Arab oreegins. The Factbook explains that o the approximately 15% who identifee as Berber, maist live in Kabylie, mair closely identifee wi Berber heritage insteid o Arab heritage, an are Muslim.

Algeirie is bordered in the northaest bi Tunisie, in the east bi Libie, in the wast bi Morocco, in the soothwast bi Wastren Sahara, Mauritanie, an Mali, in the sootheast bi Niger, an in the north bi the Mediterranean Sea. Its size is amaist 2,400,000 square kilometres (930,000 sq mi), an it haes an estimatit population o aboot 35.7 million (2010). The caipital o Algeirie is Algiers.

Algeirie is a member o the Arab League, Unitit Naitions, African Union, an OPEC. It is an aa a foondin member o the Arab Maghreb Union.

Provinces an destricts



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