Female genital mittlin

Female genital mittlin (FGM), kent as female genital cuttin an female circumcision an aw, is the reetual cuttin or remuival o some or aw o the freemit female genitalia.

Road sign near Kapchorwa, Uganda, 2004
Defineetion"Pairtial or tot remuival o the freemit female genitalia or ither injury tae the female genital organs for non-medical raisons" (WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA, 1997).[1]
AuriesAfricae, Asie, Middle East an within communities frae thir auries[2]
NummersOver 200 million women and girls in 27 African countries, Indonesia, Iraqi Kurdistan and Yemen (as of 2016)[3]
AgeDays efter birth tae puberty[4]
Ages 15–49
Soorce: UNICEF, Februar 2016[3]

Ages 0–14
Soorce: UNICEF, Februar 2016[3]