Coordinates: 51°03′N 114°04′W / 51.050°N 114.067°W / 51.050; -114.067 Calgary (pronounced /ˈkælɡᵊri/ (deprecatit template)) is the lairgest ceety in the Province o Alberta, Canadae. It is locatit in the sooth o the province, in an aurie o fuithills an prairie, approximately 80 km (50 mi) east of the front ranges o the Canadian Rockies. The ceety is locatit in the Grassland region o Alberta.

Sister ceeties eedit

The City of Calgary maintains trade development programs, cultural an educational pairtnerships in twinnin agreements wi sax ceeties:[1][2]

Ceety Province/State Kintra Date
Quebec Ceety Quebec   1956
Jaipur Rajasthan   1973
Naucalpan Mexico State   1994
Daqing Heilongjiang   1995
Daejeon Chungnam   1996
Phoenix Arizona   1997

References eedit

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