Provinces an territories o Canadae

The provinces an territories o Canadae combine tae mak up the warld's seicont-lairgest kintra bi aurie. Thare are ten provinces an three territories. The major difference atween a Canadian province an a territory is that provinces are jurisdictions that receive thair pouer an authority directly frae the Constitution Act, 1867, whareas territories derive thair mandates an pouers frae the federal govrenment. In modren Canadian constitutional theory, the provinces are considered tae be co-sovereign diveesions, an each province haes its awn "Croun" representit bi the lieutenant-govrenor, whareas the territories are no sovereign, but simply pairts o the federal realm, an hae a commissioner.

The ten provinces are Alberta, Breetish Columbie, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland an Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, an Saskatchewan. The three territories are Northwast Territories, Nunavut, an Yukon.

Location o provinces an territoriesEedit

A clickable map o Canadae exhibitin its ten provinces an three territories, an their caipitals.
VictoriaWhitehorseEdmontonYellowknifeReginaWinnipegIqaluitTorontoOttawaQuebecFrederictonCharlottetownHalifaxSt. John'sNorthwast TerritoriesSaskatchewanNewfoundland an LabradorNew BrunswickVictoriaYukonBreetish ColumbieWhitehorseAlbertaEdmontonReginaYellowknifeNunavutWinnipegManitobaOntarioIqaluitOttawaQuebecTorontoQuebec CeetyFrederictonCharlottetownNova ScotiaHalifaxPrince Edward IslandSt. John's 
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