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Quebec (Québec in the French leid) is a province o Canadae. It is the mucklest province gaun bi aurie o Canadae. Quebec haes a population o 7,651,531 fowk. The offeecial leid o Quebec is French, an aboot 90% o the indwallers o Quebec speaks it (aside French, baith Inglis an Inuktuit are spoken). The caipital ceety o Quebec is Quebec Ceety (Ville de Québec in French), an the mucklest ceety is Montreal (Montréal). Maist o the fowk in Quebec are French Canadians (or Québecois), but Erse-Quebecers, Scots-Quebecers, Inglis-Quebecers, Italian-Quebecers an Jewish-Quebecers bide there an aw.

La Belle Province
Banner o Quebec
Coat o airms o Quebec
Coat o airms
Motto(s): Je me souviens
(Scots: I mynd)
Map o Canadae wi Quebec heichlichtit
Map o Canadae wi Quebec heichlichtit
Confederation 1 Julie 1867 (1st, wi Ont., N.S., N.B.)
Capital Quebec Ceety
Lairgest ceety Montreal
Lairgest metro Greater Montreal
 • Teep Constitutional monarchy
 • Lieutenant-Govrenor Pierre Duchesne
 • Premier Philippe Couillard (Parti libéral du Québéc)
Legislatur Quebec Naitional Assembly
Federal representation (in Canadian Pairlament)
Hoose seats 75 o 338 (22.2%)
Senate seats 24 o 105 (22.9%)
 • Total 1,542,056 km2 (595,391 sq mi)
 • Laund 1,365,128 km2 (527,079 sq mi)
 • Watter 176,928 km2 (68,312 sq mi)  11.5%
Aurie rank Rankit 2nt
  15.4% o Canadae
Population (2011)
 • Tot 7,903,001 [1]
 • Rank Rankit 2nt
 • Density 5.79/km2 (15.0/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Quebecer,
Offeecial leids French[3]
 • Rank 2nt
 • Tot (2009) C$319 348 billion
 • Per capita C$37,278 (10t)
Time zone UTC−5, −4
Postal abbr. QC[4]
Postal code prefix G, H, J
ISO 3166 code CA-QC
Flouer Blue Flag Iris
Tree Yellae Birch
Bird Snawy Owl
Rankins include aw provinces an territories
The Fleurdelisé fleein in Quebec Ceety.


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