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Aboot this soondHeilongjiang  (simplifeed Cheenese: 黑龙江省; traditeeonal Cheenese: 黑龍江省; pinyin: Hēilóngjiāng Shěng; Postal cairt spelling: Heilungkiang) is a province o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae locatit in the northeastren pairt o the kintra. "Heilongjiang" literally means Black Dragon River, which is the Cheenese name for the Amur. The ane-character abbreviation is 黑 (pinyin: Hēi). The Manchu name o the region is Sahaliyan ula ᠰᠠᡥᠠᠯᡳᠶᠠᠨ ᡠᠯᠠ (literally, "Black River"), frae which the name o Sakhalin is derivit, an the Mongolian name accordingly is Qaramörin.

Heilongjiang Province
Name transcription(s)
 • Cheenese 黑龙江省 (Hēilóngjiāng Shěng)
 • Abbreviation 黑 (pinyin: Hēi)
Map shawin the location o Heilongjiang Province
Map shawin the location o Heilongjiang Province
Named for 黑 hēi—black
龙 lóng—dragon
江 jiāng—river
"Amur River"
(an lairgest ceety)
Divisions 13 prefecturs, 1 coonties, 1284 tounships
 • Secretar Ji Bingxuan (吉炳轩)
 • Govrenor Wang Xiankui (王宪魁)
 • Total 460,000 km2 (180,000 sq mi)
Aurie rank 6t
Population (2010)
 • Tot 38,312,224
 • Rank 15t
 • Density 83/km2 (220/sq mi)
 • Density rank 28t
 • Ethnic composeetion Han: 95%
Manchu: 3%
Korean: 1%
Mongols: 0.4%
Hui: 0.3%
ISO 3166 code CN-23
GDP (2010) CNY 1.02 trillion
US$ 151.2 billion (16t)
 • per capita CNY 27,076
US$ 4,000 (16t)
HDI (2008) 0.808 (high) (11t)
(Simplifeed Cheenese)

The Amur River marks the mairch atween the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae an Roushie tae the north. Heilongjiang contains Cheenae's northmaist pynt (in Mohe Coonty alang the Amur) an eastmaist pynt (at the junction o the Amur an Ussuri Rivers).


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