ceety in the Wast Midlands, Ingland, Unitit Kinrick

Wolverhampton Listeni/ˌwʊlvərˈhæmptən/ is a ceety an metropolitan borough in the Wast Midlands, Ingland. For Eurostat purposes Walsall an Wolverhampton is a NUTS 3 region (code UKG35) an is ane o five boroughs or unitary destricts that comprise the "Wast Midlands" NUTS 2 region. In 2004, the local govrenment destrict haed an estimatit population o 239,100;[2] the wider Urban Aurie haed a population o 251,462,[3] which maks it the 13t maist populous ceety in Ingland.

City of Wolverhampton
Official logo of Wolverhampton
Coat o Airms o the Ceety Cooncil
W'ton, Wolves, Wolvo, Wolftoun
Oot o darkness cometh licht
Wolverhampton shown athin Ingland
Wolverhampton shown athin Ingland
Coordinates: 52°35′N 2°08′W / 52.583°N 2.133°W / 52.583; -2.133
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
RegionWast Midlands
Ceremonial coontyWast Midlands
Admeen HQWolverhampton Civic Centre
Foondit biWulfrun
Named forWulfrun
 • TeepMetropolitan borough
 • Govrenin bodyWolverhampton Ceety Cooncil
 • Total69.44 km2 (26.81 sq mi)
 (2006 est.)
 • Total([[List of English districts by population|Ranked 59t]])
 • Density3407/km2 (8,820/sq mi)
 • Ethnicity
(United Kingdom Estimate 2005)[1]
76.5% White
14.7% S.Asie
4.8% Black
1.1% Cheenese or other
2.9% Mixed Race
Time zoneUTC+0 (Greenwich Mean Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (Breetish Simmer Time)
Area code(s)01902
ISO 3166-2GB-WLV
ONS code00CW
OS grid referenceSO915985

Historically a pairt o Staffordshire, an formin pairt o the metropolitan coonty o the Wast Midlands frae 1974, the ceety is commonly recognised as being named efter Lady Wulfrun, who foondit the toun in 985: its name comin frae Anglo-Saxon Wulfrūnehēantūn = "Wulfrūn's heich or principal enclosur or ferm".[4] Alternatively, the ceety mey hae earned its oreeginal name frae Wulfereēantūn = "Wulfhere's heich or principal enclosur or ferm" efter the Mercie King.[5] Nivertheless, the name Wulfrun is commonly uised in the ceety – for example, for the Wulfrun Centre or for Wulfrun Hall Archived 2011-10-01 at the Wayback Machine.

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