Wastren European Simmer Time

(Reguidit frae Breetish Simmer Time)

Wastren European Simmer Time (WEST) is a simmer daylicht savin time schame, 1 oor aheid o Coordinatit Universal Time. It is uised in the follaein places:

Time zones o Europe:
blue Wastren European Time (UTC+0)
Wastren European Simmer Time (UTC+1)
reid Central European Time (UTC+1)
Central European Simmer Time (UTC+2)
yellae Eastren European Time (UTC+2)
Eastren European Simmer Time (UTC+3)
green Moscow Time (UTC+3)
Moscow Simmer Time (UTC+4)
Licht colours merks kintras that disna hae simmer time

Wastren European Simmer Time is kent by ither names:

  • Breetish Simmer Time (BST) in the Unitit Kinrick.
  • Erse Staundart Time (IST)[1] (Erse: Am Caighdeánach na hÉireann (ACÉ)[2]) in Ireland. Whiles wrangly referred tae as Erse Simmer Time (Erse: Am Samhraidh na hÉireann).

The scheame rins frae the last Sunday in Mairch to the last Sunday in October ilka year. At baith the stairt an end o the schames, knock chynges taks place at 01:00 UTC. Durin the winter, Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0) is uised.


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