Croun dependencies

The Croun dependencies (Inglis: Crown dependencies) are three islands aff the coast o Great Breetain whit are sel-govrenin haudins o the Croun: the Bailiwick o Guernsey, the Bailiwick o Jersey an the Isle o Man. Thay are nae pairt o the Unitit Kinrick or the Breetish Owerseas Territories. Thay are conseedert "territories fur whit the Unitit Kinrick is pensie" bi the internaitional community, insteid o soverane states or kintras. Acause o this, thay are nae member states o the Commonweel o Nations. Houaniver, thay dae hae relationship wi the Commonweel, European Union, an ither internaitional organisations, an are members o the Breetish-Erse Cooncil. Thay hae thair ain teams at the Commonweel Gemmes. Thay are nae pairt o the European Union, awtho thay are in the EU's customs aurie.

Location o the Croun dependencies (reid) an the Unitit Kinrick (daurk gray)

As the croun dependencies are nae soverane states, the pouer tae pass legislation regairdin the islands is gien tae the govrenment o the Unitit Kinrick (tho this uisually daes nae happen withoot the permeesion o the dependencies). Houaniver thay hae thair ain pairlaments, wi the pouer tae mak laws regairdin mony local maiters wi the assent o the Croun. The heids o govrenment o the dependencies are kent as Chief Meenisters.