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Circle sheer blue 29.png
Circle sheer blue 29.png
Cursive script 'v' and capital 'V' in the U.S. D'Nealian script style

V (named vee /ˈv/[1]) is the twinty-seicont letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


In maist leids which uise a Latin alphabet, ⟨v⟩ haes a [v]-lik soond (voiced labiodental fricative). In maist dialects o Spainyie, it is pronoonced the same as ⟨b⟩, [b] or [β̞]. In German an Dutch it can be aither [v] or [f].

In Native American leids o North Americae (mainly Iroquoian), ⟨v⟩ represents a nasalized central vowel, /ə̃/.

In Cheenese pinyin, ⟨v⟩ is nae uised, as thare is na soond [v] in Staundart Mandarin; but the letter ⟨v⟩ is uised bi maist input methods tae enter letter ⟨ü⟩, which maist keyboards lack. Romanised Cheenese is a popular method tae enter Cheenese text phonetically.

In Erse, the letter ⟨v⟩ is maistly uised in loanwirds, sic as veidhlín frae Inglis violin. Houiver the soond [v] appears naiturally in Erse when /b/ is lenited or "softened", representit in the orthography bi ⟨bh⟩, sae that bhí is pronoonced [vʲiː], an bhean (the woman) is pronoonced [ən̪ˠ ˈvʲan̪ˠ], etc.

In the 19t century, ⟨v⟩ wis whiles uised tae transcribe a palatal click, [ǂ], a function syne pairtly taken ower bi ⟨ç⟩.

Relatit letters an ither similar charactersEedit

Computin codesEedit

Character V v
Encodins decimal hex decimal hex
Unicode 86 U+0056 118 U+0076
UTF-8 86 56 118 76
Numeric chairacter reference V V v v
EBCDIC faimily 229 E5 165 A5
ASCII 1 86 56 118 76
1 An aa for encodins based on ASCII, includin the DOS, Windows, ISO-8859 an Macintosh faimilies o encodins.

Ither representationsEedit


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Letter V with diacritics
Ṽṽ Ṿṿ Ʋʋ