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Cursive script 'f' and capital 'F' in the U.S. D'Nealian script style

F (named ef[1] /ˈɛf/)[2] is the saxt letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


V or W
Roman F

The origin o 'F' is the Semitic letter vâv (or waw) that representit a soond lik /v/ or /w/. Graphically it oreeginally probably depictit aither a huik or a club. It mey hae been based on a comparable Egyptian hieroglyph sic as that which represented the wird mace (transliteratit as ḥ(dj)):-


The Phoenician fairm o the letter wis adoptit intae Greek as a vowel, upsilon (which resembled its descendant, 'Y' but wis an aa ancestor tae Roman letters 'U', 'V', an 'W'); an wi anither fairm, as a consonant, digamma, which resembled 'F', but indicatit the pronunciation /w/, as in Phoenician. (Efter /w/ disappeared frae Greek, digamma wis uised as a numeral anly.)

In Etruscan, 'F' probably representit /w/, as in Greek; an the Etruscans fairmed the digraph 'FH' tae represent /f/. When the Romans adoptit the alphabet, thay uised 'V' (frae Greek upsilon) tae staund for /w/ as well as /u/, leavin 'F' available for /f/. (At that time, the Greek letter phi 'Φ' representit an aspiratit voiceless bilabial plosive /pʰ/, tho in Modren Greek it approximates the soond o /f/.) An sae oot o the various vav variants in the Mediterranean warld, the letter F entered the Roman alphabet attached tae a soond which its antecedents in Greek an Etruscan did nae hae. The Roman alphabet fairms the basis o the alphabet uised the day for Inglis an mony ither leids.

The lawercase ' f ' is nae relatit tae the visually seemilar lang s, ' ſ ' (or medial s). The uise o the lang s lairgely died oot bi the beginnin o the 19t century, maistly tae prevent confusion wi ' f ' when uisin a short mid-bar (see mair at: S).

Relatit letters an ither similar charactersEedit

Computin codesEedit

Character F f
Encodins decimal hex decimal hex
Unicode 70 U+0046 102 U+0066
UTF-8 70 46 102 66
Numeric chairacter reference F F f f
EBCDIC faimily 198 C6 134 86
ASCII 1 70 46 102 66
1 An aa for encodings based on ASCII, includin the DOS, Windows, ISO-8859 an Macintosh faimilies o encodings.

Ither representationsEedit


  1. Spelled eff as a verb
  2. "F", Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition (1989); "ef", "eff", "bee" (under "bee eff"), op. cit.

Freemit airtinsEedit

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Letter F with diacritics
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