Tripoli, Lebanon

Tripoli (Modren Staundart Arabic: طرابلس Ṭarābulus, an Arabic: طَرَابُلُس[1] Trâblous[2], Greek: Τρίπολις Tripolis) is a ceety in Lebanon. Situatit north o Batroun an the cape o Lithoprosopon, Tripoli is the caipital o the North Govrenorate an the Tripoli Destrict (in Lebanon the destricts are subunits o govrenorates). The ceety is locatit 85 km north o the caipital Beirut, an is the eastmaist port o Lebanon.


طرابلس Ṭarābulus
Tripoli is located in Lebanon
Coordinates: 34°26′N 35°51′E / 34.433°N 35.850°E / 34.433; 35.850
 • MayorEng. Nader al-Ghazal
 • City14 km2 (5 sq mi)
 • Metro
41 km2 (16 sq mi)
 • City192,572
 • Metro
Time zone+2
 • Summer (DST)+3

In auncient times, it wis the centre o a Phoenician confederation which includit Tyre, Sidon an Arados, hence the name Tripoli, meanin "triple ceety" in Greek. Later, it wis controlled successively bi the Assyrian Empire, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Caliphate, the Seljuk Empire, Crusader States, the Mamluks, the Ottoman Empire an Fraunce. The Crusaders established the Coonty o Tripoli thare in the twalt century.

Tripoli is the day the seicont-lairgest ceety an seicont-lairgest port in Lebanon, wi approximately 500,000 indwallers, owerwhelmingly Sunni Muslims (approximately 80%), alang wi a sma minority o Orthodox an Maronite Christians, an a sma minority o Alawite Muslims.

The ceety borders El Mina, the port o the Tripoli Destrict, which it is geographically conjoined wi tae form the greater Tripoli conurbation.

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