(Reguidit frae Philosophie)

Philosophy is a Greek wird for 'luv o wit.' It can be uised ti mean monie things.

  • A personal wey tae think aboot the warld, or a pairt o it.
  • A set o conceits that gangs thegither, wrocht oot bi a bodie that haes studied weys o thinkin aboot the warld.
  • The studie o abstract conceits

Philosophy in this airticle means a group o conceits that haes been thocht on bi academic philosophers (fowk that daes philosophy) for a lang time. Thir conceits haes come tae form a bodie o kennis, knawledge an quaistens that is unco muckle. Thare's monie different kynds o philosophy, some o them comin frae Europe, in parteecular (Auld) Greece, whaur as ithers comes frae Asie or ither pairts o the warld.



Ae defineetion o philosophy is that it is the studie o human beins an the warld bi thinkin an speirin; anither defineetion is that it is the studie o abstract conceits (that is the conceits theirsels). It isna a pairt o science sin it daesna observe or studie the things an events in the warld (the scientific method) tae find oot whit wey it wirks. Insteid it ettles tae answer monie quaistens bi comin up wi realistic answers an speirin "whit for no?"

Filosofie is sib tae science an tae releegion an can compete wi thae twa in answerin some quaistens. Some fowk says that philosophy ligs atween science an releegion. Ither fowk says that it shoud be studied its lane. Maist Philosophers (fowk that studies philosophy) disna come up wi the same answers tae quaistens an it is aften thocht that, in contrast wi science or releegion, thare's nae richt answers in philosophy, juist better anes.

Some important quaistens that philosophy speirs, amang ithers, is "Whit is guid an whit is bonnie?", "Daes God exeest?", "Daes the warld aboot us exeest?", "Whit is a bodie?", an "Whit is Truith?".

Fields or brainches o philosophy


Philosophy can be sindert intil fields or brainches (that we coud cry disciplines or sorts) foondit on the kynds o quaistens that it speirs. Here is a fuller leet o quaistens sindert intil fields or brainches. Ae possible leet o answers tae thir quaistens can be cried a 'philosophy'. Thare's monie differrin 'philosophys' sin aw thae quaistens haes monie differrin answers.

In metapheesics :

Metapheisics is whiles sindert intil ontologie (the philosophy o realitie an bein), the philosophy o mynd an the philosophy o releegion, houaniver thir sub-brainches is awfu seemlar.


  • Whit is the warld that we see aboot us? (whit is realitie?)
    • Is thare mair tae the warld nor juist the things that we see or hear?
    • Whan naebodie sees a thing happen daes that mean that it didna happen?
    • Coud thare be ither warlds? For exemplar coud thare be a warld whaur Bill Clinton haedna won the 1992 US presidential election?
  • Is thare oniething byordinar aboot bein Human or e'en aboot bein Alive at aw ?
    • Gin no, whit for daes some fowk think that thare is ?
  • Whit is space ? Whit is time ?

The philosophy o mynd:

  • Whit is a mynd ?
  • Whit is a bodie ?
  • Whit is Consciousness ?
  • Daes fowk mak chyces or are thay weirdit tae dae the ae thing ? (Daes fowk hae free will ?)

The philosophy o releegion:

  • Daes fowk hae Sowels ?
  • Is thare a God ?

In epistemologie

In ethics :

  • Whit is Richt an Wrang, Guid an Ill ?
  • Shoud fowk dae some things an no ithers ?
  • Whit is Juistice ?

In Aesthetics :

  • Whit is Beautie ?
  • Is true things beautiful ?
  • Is guid things beautiful ?
  • Whit is Airt ?

In Logic :

  • Whit daes the wirds we uise mean ?
  • Whit for can we say things (conceits in parteecular) sae that thay juist hae the ae meanin ?
  • Can aw conceits be expressed uisin wirds ?
  • Whit is truith ?

Is philosophy uissfu?


Daes philosophy dae onie guid? Fowk disna gree anent this. Some fowk thinks that philosophy hairms the Kirk or the State, as philosophy is a kin o free-thinkin an aften quaistens the beliefs that ithers hauds.

Ither fowk thinks that philosophy is juist ordinar rummle-gumption or politics. Philosophers believes that speirin philosophical quaistens is uissfu acause it brings wit an holps fowk ti lairn anent the warld an ilk ither. Some thinks politics is juist a competeetion or argiement atween philosophys, that can end up wi fowk ettlin tae gar ilk ither dae things bi law an veeolence. This collogue haes been gaun on for thoosands o yeirs - as haes collogues anent aw the quaistens abuin.

Whit for dae fowk dae philosophy


Some philosophers is full-time thinkers (cried academics), ithers is juist "habby" thinkers, or approaches philosophy frae anither job, for exemplar a monk, an airtist or a scientist. Maist Philosophers wirks bi speirin quaistens an leukin for guid defineetions (meanins) o wirds for tae unnerstaund whit a quaisten means. Some philosophers says the ae thing ye maun hae for tae answer a quaisten is tae find oot whit it means an that the ae thing that maks philosophical quaistens sic as thir abuin difficult is that fowk disna raellie ken whit thay mean (for exemplar Ludwig Wittgenstein).

Philosophers will aften uise exemplars frae rael life for tae mak a pynt forby, for exemplar thay micht scrieve anent a rael or feectional chiel for tae shaw thair conceit o a guid cheil or an ill ane.

Some philosophers graip for the semplest gate for tae answer a quaisten an says that thon is maist lik tae be the richt answer. That is a process cried Occam's Razor. Ithers believes that complicate answers ti quaistens can be richt an aw.

For an exemplar o a philosophical kinch, leuk at the god paradox.

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