George Berkeley

George Berkeley (/ˈbɑːrkli/;[1][2] 12 Mairch 1685 – 14 Januar 1753) — kent as Bishop Berkeley (Bishop o Cloyne) — wis an Erse filosofer whase primar achievement wis the advancement o a theory he cried "immaterialism" (later referred tae as "subjective idealism" bi ithers). This theory denies the exeestence o material substance an insteid contends that familiar objects lik tables an chairs are anly ideas in the minds o perceivers an, as a result, canna exeest withoot bein perceived. Berkeley is an aa kent for his critique o abstraction, an important premise in his argument for immaterialism.

George Berkeley
Portrait o Berkeley bi John Smybert, 1727
Born12 Mairch 1685(1685-03-12)
Coonty Kilkenny, Ireland
Dee'd14 Januar 1753(1753-01-14) (aged 67)
Oxford, Ingland
Alma materTrinity College, Dublin (BA 1704; MA 1707)
Era18t century filosofie
RegionWastren Filosofie
Main interests
Christianity, metapheesics, epistemology, leid, mathematics, perception
Notable ideas
Subjective idealism, master argument

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