The Warld is a proper noon for the planet Yird frae a human pynt o view, as a place that human beins bides in. There wis aboot 7 billion (or 7,000 million) fowk on the planet as o Mairch 2013..[1]

The hale Warld

In a filosofical context the term mey refer tae the whole o the pheesical Universe, or an ontological warld, describit bi Martin Heidegger as warld disclosur.

In a theological context, warld usually refers tae the material or the profane sphere, as opponed tae the celestial, spiritual, transcendent or saucrit. The "end o the warld" refers tae scenarios o the final end o human history, eften in releegious contexts.

Warld history is commonly unnerstuid as spannin the major geopoleetical developments o aboot five millennia, frae the first ceevilisations tae the present. In terms such as warld releegion, warld leid, warld govrenment, an warld war, warld suggests internaitional or intercontinental scope wioot necessarily implyin pairteecipation o the entire warld.

Warld population is the sum o aw human populations at ony time; similarly, warld economy is the sum o the economies o aw societies or kintras, especially in the context o globalization. Terms like warld championship, gross warld product, warld banners imply the sum or combination o aw current-day sovereign states.


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