Pennsylvanish (Pensylvanish: Pennsilfaanisch-Deitsch; cried Pennsylvanie German or Pennsylvanie Dutch an aw) is a byleid o Wast Central German relatit tae the Palatine byleids, spakken by the Auld Order Amish, Auld Order Mennonites an ither fowk o German forebeirs in the Unitit States an Canadae. Hit is said that thare are aroond 300,000 fowk that spik hit as thair mither leid.

Pennsylvanie German, Pennsylvanie Dutch
Deitsch, Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch
Native taeUnitit States, Canadae
RegionUnitit States:


Ither pairts o North Americae an sum auries o Central Americae
EthnicityPennsylvanie Dutch
Native speakers
147,000 (2012-2016 American Community Survey)[1]
tae 350,000 (2012)[2] (L2 speakers: aroond 3,000)
Leid codes
ISO 639-3pdc
Blue: The coonties wi the hiechist proportion o Pennsylvanish spikkers.
Reid: The coonties wi the heichist nummer o Pennsylvanish spikkers.
Purpie: The coonties wi baith the heichest proportion an heichist nummer o Pennsylvanish spikkers.
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Hit wis tradeetionally a byleid o the Pennsylvanie Dutch fowk, descendants o late 17t an early 18t yeirhunner incomers tae Pennsylvanie, Maryland, Virginie, Wast Virginie, an North Carolina fae soothren Germany, eastren Fraunce, an Swisserland.

Spikkers o the byleid the dey maistly live in Pennsylvanie, Ohio, Indiana, an ither Midwastren states o the Unitit States, an in Ontario in Canadae forby. Historically, the byleid wis spakken in mony ither auries whaur uissage o the byleid haes lawered.

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