Pennsylvanie (Inglis: Pennsylvania; Pennsylvanie German: Pennsilfaani) is a state in the Unitit States o Americae. It is bund bi sax states (New Jersey an Delaware tae the east, New York tae the north, Maryland an Wast Virginie tae the sooth, an Ohio tae the wast) an bi Canadae at Loch Erie.

KintraUnitit States
Afore stateheidProvince o Pennsylvanie
Admittit tae the Union12 Dizember 1787 (2nt)
Lairgest ceetyPhiladelphia
Lairgest metroDelaware Valley
 • GovrenorTom Wolf (D)
 • Lieutenant GovernorMike Stack (D)
LegislaturGeneral Assembly
 • Upper hooseState Senate
 • Lawer hooseHoose o Representatives
U.S. senatorsBob Casey, Jr. (D)
Pat Toomey (R)
U.S. Hoose delegation13 Republicans, 5 Democrats (leet)
 • Total12,802,503 (2,015 est)[1]
 • Density110/km2 (284/sq mi)
 • Median hooseaud income
 • Income rank
 • Offeecial leidNane (Inglis, de facto)
 • Spoken leidInglis 90.1%
Spainyie 4.1%
Ither 5.8%[3]
Trad. abbreviationPa. or Penna.
Latitude39° 43′ to 42° 16′ N
Longitude74° 41′ to 80° 31′ W
Pennsylvanie state seembols
Ainimal an Plant insignia
Bird(s)Ruffed grouse
Dug breedGreat Dane
FishBrook trout
Flouer(s)Mountain laurel
Mammal(s)White-tailed deer
TreeEastern hemlock
Inanimate insignia
Route merker(s)
Pennsylvanie Route Merker
State Quarter
Quarter of Pennsylvanie
Released in 1999
Leets o Unitit States state seembols

The state is ane o the 13 oreeginal foondin states o the Unitit States; it cam intae bein in 1681 as a result o a ryal laund grant tae William Penn, the son o the state's namesak. Pairt o Pennsylvanie (alang the Delaware River), thegither wi the present State o Delaware, haed earlier been organised as the Colony o New Swaden. It wis the seicont state tae ratifee the Unitit States Constitution, on 12 December 1787. Independence Hall, whaur the Unitit States Declaration o Unthirldom an Unitit States Constitution war drauchtit, is locatit in the state's lairgest ceety o Philadelphia. In the American Ceevil War, the Battle o Gettysburg wis focht in the sooth central region o the state. Valley Forge near Philadelphia wis General Washington's heidquarters in the bitter winter o 1777–78.


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