George Washington

George Washington (22 Februar 1732 - 14 December 1799) wis ane o the Foondin Faithers o the Unitit States, servin as the commander-in-chief o the Continental Airmy durin the American Revolutionary War an later as the new republic's first Preses. He presidit ower the convention that draftit the Constitution.

George Washington
1st Preses o the Unitit States
In office
30 Aprile 1789[nb] – 4 Mairch 1797
Vice PresesJohn Adams
Precedit biPosition established
Succeedit biJohn Adams
Senior Officer o the Airmy
In office
13 Julie 1798 – 14 December 1799
Appyntit biJohn Adams
Precedit biJames Wilkinson
Succeedit biAlexander Hamilton
Commander-in-Chief o the Continental Airmy
In office
15 Juin 1775 – 23 December 1783
Appyntit biContinental Congress
Precedit biPosition established
Succeedit biHenry Knox (Senior Officer o the Airmy)
Delegate tae the Seicont Continental Congress
frae Virginia
In office
10 Mey 1775 – 15 Juin 1775
Precedit biPosition established
Succeedit biThomas Jefferson
Delegate tae the First Continental Congress
frae Virginia
In office
5 September 1774 – 26 October 1774
Precedit biPosition established
Succeedit biPosition abolished
Personal details
Born22 Februar 1732(1732-02-22)
Westmoreland, Virginia, Breetish Americae
Dee'd14 December 1799(1799-12-14) (aged 67)
Mount Vernon, Virginia, U.S.
Restin placeWashington Family Tomb
Munt Vernon, Virginia
Poleetical pairtyIndependent
Spoose(s)Martha Dandridge Custis
AwairdsCongressional Gold Medal
Thanks o Congress
SignaturCursive signature in ink
Militar service
Allegiance Kinrick o Great Breetain
 Unitit States
Service/brainchVirginia provincial militia
Continental Airmy
Unitit States Airmy
Years o serviceMilitia: 1752–1758
Continental Army: 1775–1783
Army: 1798–1799
Rank Lieutenant general
General o the Airmies (posthumous: 1976)
CommandsVirginia Colony's regiment
Continental Airmy
Unitit States Airmy
Battles/warsFrench an Indian War
 • Battle o Jumonville Glen
 • Battle o Fort Necessity
 • Braddock Expedition
 • Battle o the Monongahela
 • Forbes Expedition
American Revolutionary War
 • Boston campaign
 • New York an New Jersey campaign
 • Philadelphia campaign
 • Yorktown campaign
^ Mairch 4 is the offeecial stairt o the first presidential term. Aprile 6 is when Congress coontit the votes o the Electoral College an certifee'd a preses. Aprile 30 is when Washington wis sworn in.



Washington, D.C., the caipital o the Unitit States, is namit for him, as is the State o Washington on the naition's Paceefic Coast.


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